Riders only have one gear - backwards

Hey look at the Eskimos very good record at this point and signed receiver Brock Ralph 1 day after he was cut from Jets camp. They aren't happy with their running game even though they have 2 very capable backs, so they run out and sign Michael Jenkins to bolster the offence. The Tiger cats won their 1st game of what seemed to be a winless year! Winnipeg has turned the bomber crap boat around. Calgary has gone from the tank to a very threatening offence..........so the team that everyone, including me thought should walk their way to the grey cup, is instead making me re-live the year that was 1989.....again.

All you Shivers and Barrett and Greene backers should be very ashamed of yourself for letting them take your hard earned money year after year.

I remember very well that the Rider fans on this forum before the season started were praising the fact the Greene was goign to lead the team. The loss of Buris was welcomed because Greene was the stronger QB.

That was funny and it still is everytime I see Greene toss one in the dirt because his arm is limited to 20 yard passes.

I predicted the Riders would be in the toilet this year, but looks like they've made their way to the sewer.

Remember all those posts when they trashed Burris? Back then Nealon could walk on water.

It's more than just Nealon, although he is really a backup at best. I think you have to take a hard look at coaching and GM. They have had 5 years to rebuild. Compare that to Wally's 3 rebuilding program and depth at QB, and the Win-Loss records speak for themselves.

Time for Shivers to retire. Bring in Tillman, Hire a Bonafide coach, Find a QB and you are well on your way to turning the team direction around.

The Riders have two players of value, Holmes and Keith. Time to make a trade. Esks need a running back... We'll take Holmes and Keith for Moss.

Are the Riders the only team in the league that makes moves to go backwards instead of forwards?
Yes, Rider office staff can't be fired, they have to quit.
70% [ 7 ]
No, we are just waiting like a snake in the grass for our moment to strike.
30% [ 3 ]

Actually, they WERE waiting like a snake in the grass for thier moment to strike, but got stepped on.