Riders on way to undefeated season??

I dont want there to be any missunderstandings here ,i do have faith in the riders,they have one hell of a good team.Its just that lastnight scared me a little lol.And no matter what i will always be behind the riders. :mrgreen:

I love it that we have some women on this site into footy!, Too bad most are Rider fans! :frowning:

beat the ARGOS and then we will talk about that.

All Rider fans should be concerened with last nights performance. And roughyfan, don’t get too excited about the win against Winnipeg. The way Winnipeg played that night, the Riders should of been up by 70 points.

If Greene doesn’t improve soon and get his % completion up it’s going to be a long year for the Riders.

I'm not getting excited about the win against Winnipeg, I just want to know how you consider beating them by 27 points a real difficult time beating them.

Turkeybend. Yes, RedandWhite and I understand that you were using hyperbole. Its some of the others that didn't. Nice post. Paul McCallum for Canadian Idol .... priceless.

EVERYTIME McCALLUM sets up around the oppositions 25 yd. line his mind probably travels back in time to the Lions game where he shanked er........could be a permanent mental block and should be treated or this could do serious damage to further Rider efforts...... if this happens again Barret may suggest a shot at Canadian Idol or some other field of endeavour. :lol:

It's no suprise the Riders beat the Bombers and the Ti-Cats I wouldn't run around wondering if they can pull off an undefeated season. Edmonton, Toronto, BC and Montreal are all capable off ripping the Riders to pieces.

This just in:

During their second "by week" in late October, the Saskatchewan Roughriders will play an exhibition game vs the New England Patriots. Recognizing the potential for an undefeated season, the Pats requested the game to prove they are the best football team in North America. Oddsmakers though view it as a much closer game than many are expecting, giving the Riders the edge.

Can't wait for that one!

Actually I hope the riders do have an undefeated season. I t will make their loss to the Als in the Grey Cup so much better. :wink:

Two words, OVER KILL! :lol:

Two more words:

Lighten Up!