Riders offer 1st round pick + more for Burris - RB's decline

[b]Arash Madani @ArashMadani BREAKING: Have learned the #Riders made weekend trade offers for Henry Burris, offering a 1st round pick and more. #Redblacks declined. #CFL

Arash Madani @ArashMadani
By Sunday, talks broke down between the #Riders and #RedBlacks on a possible Burris trade. Sask hoping Durant returns by Week 17 or 18. #CFL[/b]

Riders are going to need a dance partner (3 way trade) if they want to acquire Burris. Ottawa will need a QB heading the other way in any trade involving Burris. Maybe nobody wants to dance ?

it will be a difficult proposition given the shortage of QB's with CFL experience and current injuries at the position.

Nichols from the Esks possibly...can't see anyone else..

Troy Smith, Problem is Edmonton likely is not interested in helping Saskatchewan and Montreal not likely interested in helping Ottawa. Can't blame them, Desjardins was not going to trade Glenn to MOntreal either.

I'm not convinced the Riders would have interest in Smith regardless.

I meant Smith going to Ottawa in a 3 way trade. Burris, going to Saskatchewan, Smith going to Ottawa and whatever the Riders would send to Montreal to make the trade happen. Saskatchewan is looking for a QB that can win now. Ottawa is looking for a QB they can build with or at least win some games with until Demarco returns.

Also Burris would be a rental, so the Riders would get something back next year at some point when they would trade Burris out again.

Like you I think it is unlikely that Burris will be traded until the off season. Was listening to TSN Ottawa after the game friday and fans are already calling for Desjardins head on a platter.

I wouldn't believe anything that Madani tweets.

Now there is a rumor that Taman is talking to Edmonton for Nichols. Would have offered Bagg but Edmonton wants an Offensive Linesman. The way the Riders have played the last couple games. It is obvious that Taman is shopping, he would be crazy not to.

:lol: Calling for Desjardins head on a platter.........Gee,what a surprise,I wonder why ? Gosh golly,no one would have predicted that happening :P

May I present Marcel's business card :cowboy: :slight_smile:


If this is the case, depending on what the “and more” is will depend on if the RedBlacks need to take a hard look at their management staff. The RedBlacks don’t need another 1st round pick, they are likely going to get 1st overall next draft anyways. They need a marquee player and they need experience, so I can see why Ottawa might balk at the 1st round pick.

On the other hand, this season is a wash, and you aren’t going to get more then 2 years out of Hank and his trade value is only getting worse and worse, and will likely be worth nothing when he retires. If the “and more” consists of Tino, it’s a bad trade, Tino is going to take too long to develop if you even consider him who you want to go with.

If the “and more” consists of a receiver like Bagg, Getzlaf, Dressler, Labatte, Henann or Chick, that’s another story. The RedBlacks can likely trade and pickup a solid backup in Dan LeFevour, Marco Ianuzzi, Troy Smith or Drew Tate. This move screams that Sask is desperately trying to salvage this season, and with Lulay out in BC, Levi out in Calgary, LeFevour out in Hamilton and Troy Smith out in Montreal, the window to make this trade is very limited. You have Saskatchewan bent over the barrel, but that org knows it’s already likely made the playoffs, so you can’t push them too hard.

You can pickup another QB next season, you won’t always have the chance to steal away a star for a QB that you’re going to be getting rid of in two years anyways.

You can't tell your fans your packing it in with a third left to go in the season, when they are packing the place supporting you. Desjardins can't make that trade "for the future".

I can only speak for myself, but I would rather miss the post season without Burris then make it with him... especially if they want to take any of the above mentioned players... I dont like Burris and dont want to see him back in Green and white...

To Saskatchewan: QB Henry Burris
To Ottawa: The right to use our rightful team name, "Rough Riders"

Now that's a trade I'm sure a lot in Ottawa could get behind!

Love the idea, but doesn't Horn Chen still own the trademark?

Saw a poll and it appears about 2/3rd of Rider fans think as you do. Can't blame you at all. Kind of like being dumped by a pretty girl and then being asked out by her once she's become the village bicycle :lol:

If the Riders do make a trade, whoever they make a trade with knows that the Riders are ripe for the fleecing and are not trading from strength. I can't see Bagg being the bait as he is one injury away from finished and as good as he is, receiver is not likely going to be the bait required. If it is Ottawa, look for draft picks as the key. If it is Edmonton look for an O lineman. Still think it is likely that Burris will find his way back to Regina but I agree that Nichols is a possibility.

Nope. He never renewed the copyright. The name now belongs to the CFL. The only reason Ottawa can't use the name is because Saskatchewan wouldn't agree to an Ottawa expansion franchise unless it didn't use the name 'Rough Riders'.

Every player is one play away… You think Nichols has been a model of durability ? :wink:

To Saskatchewan: Drew Willy

To Winnipeg: All the potash in the province