Riders obvious choice for Grey Cup!!

After dismantling the defending Grey Cup champs, the Riders look destined to be Grey Cup Champs in 2006. The Esks may finish last in their division. Oh how the mighty have fallen.
Rider Pride
Nation Wide

Its just exhibition. Things can change. Not trying to take anything away though.

And turkeybend has his first bite.


Is it just me, or does this topic come up before EVERY season! :lol:

But I must admit, the Riders will be a force in the West this year.

Every season?
More like every week! :lol:

Beware Turkey is fishing for $uckers!

damn sask fans piss me off

they have nothing better to do...

except rile bomber fans....

And they do a fine job of it

i dont think Rawnotsorookierickyray is a bombers fan, and nope I'm not bothered by it

Yeah, Im a huge rider fan, and I think that they are going to win the cup. But I don't think that the pre season games me anything. They got the "W", but in a pre season game, thats not what is important.

One day those gophers will realize that you don't win the Grey Cup in June. However, it's nice to see that Bombers' fans are totally oblivious to their senseless ramblings. So... Make our day! hahaha!

Turkeys back.....

We didn't win our game, and if you ask me, we tied it, but the Bombers are looking strong this season.

I can see a Winnipeg Vs. SSK or CAL Grey Cup this season, the peg being the underdogs, but a real contender come the 2nd half of the season and playoff time.

really hard to call this year.. I think a lot of teams got better and a couple got worse...Ham , Sask WPG calgary all better
Montreal edm about the same and BC and Toronto worse.

Leave them in peace Ryoon. The offseason is the only time of the year the Prairie's teams are at par with the others. Let them brag while they are unbeaten.

And keep your cheering for late November.

Ahhhh the Turkey fishing expedition has struck again.....



For a first post, that was a worthy one.