Riders not interested in Kory Sheets return

[b]Kory #1Time Sheets ?@Sheets24K
So they say they don’t want me back as a #rider what to do where to go? #cfl

Trevor Walker ?@WalkerTrevor
@Sheets24K Who doesn’t want you back? @sskroughriders don’t want you back?

Kory #1Time Sheets ?@Sheets24K
@WalkerTrevor from what I’m told yes

maybe the lions??

Over 30, undersized, two thorn achilles. Some guys don't know when its time to move on.

Running backs are the most disposable, replaceable commodities in the game, always have been. Like the old saying goes........"Running backs are a dime a dozen". Even the good ones only usually have a shelf life of on average maybe 3-5 years if they're lucky and can avoid injuries. Believe me there are a thousand Kory Sheets out there just waiting for a chance and opportunity to play pro ball.


He reminds me of casy printers. If they would have stayed up here both could be playing and making money.

I agree not sure why but many guys who do take the chance at their NFL dream in most cases come back and are sub par in their performance or so banged up they would not last long. Jones I doubt would take a chance on a broken player that has had his dream crushed. That is one thing about Jones he may gamble but not on this type of situation. He wants strong young players they have to suit his style of game he coaches and in this case not a chance. I feel bad for Kory he should have stayed but then again those injuries could have happened up here as well.

A Thousand Sheets, makes him sound like a roll of paper towels. Not sure is you were trying to be funny, but if so I caught it, thanks.

Kory just I-gram'd that he recently worked out for the REDBLACKS....

[b]sheets24k Thanks for the work @cflredblacks

thiessenshayneWhat kind of work have the Redblacks given you?
jaydonvanveenHave u signed with them or just work out?

sheets24k@thiessenshayne full field work I did everything @jaydonvanveen just a workout for now[/b] :wink:

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RB Kory Sheets back in the #CFL?

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@Kathryn_Jarymy I'm coming back just not to the west[/b]