Riders noise complaints!!

Thank you for answering my questions. Final games are a lot different than regular season games. I'm sure you can understand that, different energy, more fans, its just more exciting. So yes western finals probably don't compare to a regular season game in volume or intensity. Oh and the incest comment is a pretty easy dig. I'm sure if you thought about it you could come up with something better. Good luck

Hey this is getting a bit much.. lets stick to football and lighthearted digs. Unfortunately some people come on the lions forum and post garbage, but I don't think this is the doing of a true riders fan. I have to go out to Sask. quite a bit for work and love the people, as most are super friendly and yes we do take jabs at each other (in a joking matter) when I am there.. like the customer who insists we meet in the Roughrider room at his company when I am there. And others that email me. I will be at the game on Sunday and just want it to be a good one... of course with the outcome in favour of the LIONS. An I know my daughter who attends U of Sask. will be wearing her ORANGE on Sunday.

So noted, LeoFan.

Just seeing the join dates and the total posts just pi$$es me off. Do they just make new accounts to post these so-called jabs? I mean when they first came on they had what 10 posts between them?

If they get their feelings hurt: wah! Go play in your own forum or in the main.

But I do apologize for the incest comment, it was really low and only directed petulantly at the homosexual comment.

I have reasons to support both teams.

Listening to the radio today I’d swear the Lion’s were already in the Grey Cup judging the Newscasters attitudes along with the fans calls.

Hate to remind you guys that as good as the Lion’s have been this year Sask did beat them and if it wasn’t for a last play breakdown by the Sask Backfield they would have lost twice to the Rider’s

Y’all have a good time on Sunday. I know I will!

Keep in mind Joseph and allot of the Rider’s have experienced BC Place last year so it won’t be as much of an issue this year.

It’ll be a great game. Many would say this truly is the Grey Cup as the two best teams are playing on Sunday!

Have Fun and may the Best team win!

See? New members to the Forum post level-headed comments. Nice to see.

Yup DanClermont (Isn't that #82's dad's name?). It's about high time the Vancouver media jumped on the gravy train (with another controversial story? Twist that rubber arm).

Joseph also gets good protection from Szarka in there too, I'd say. But I have a feeling our LB's are gonna be very active too. Stunts galore!

Btw, if you support both teams: how's your green moustache coming along?:slight_smile:

Long Live the Canned Noise!
Let's Go LIONS!!!

Long time listener and never felt the need to post. Have been to all three WF with the Rider's and Lion's.

I Lost the 'stache in the 80's. Don't feel the need to grow one for a playoff game. I am beyond that.

I am not Jason's Dad although I did play football with him in Regina (we are closely related)

Let's all have fun on Sunday and hope the winner of BC/Sask plays Winterpeg!

Dan C


Lionsgirl and Skiddrow, your both very sick people. Lions girl, your insults only prove that your intelligent level is acually 3.8. Grow up!

Lets try to keep the personal insults out of it, guys. Thanks.

Actually this is way more than last year, almost 9,000 more people, there is nothing like a sold out BC Place, the Roughriders won't be able to hear anything. They can't hear anything even if its 36,000. Its gonna be insane.

I have encountered and mingled with Riders fans in all of Western Canada. I have the most fun with them and are the true fans of the CFL as are most on this site. That's why I don't take anything serious with the jakasses on site.

Agreed, LB. But at least most of them know enuff to keep the vile stuff on the main forum. The ones that post here need to understand they need to respect another teams area of the forum. But anyways...

Good luck to the Riders and Long Live the Canned Noise!!!

Hey Lionsgirl, when are BC players and fans going to realise that when you shoot your mouth off, you'll eventually take it in the a**? You are also right, Rider fans shouldn't have come out to BC for this game because now they have to go all the way back to Toronto! Also, someone with a 3.8 GPA should have better grammar and spelling than what you've displayed, idiot.

Yeah dude, bc place is so loud that fools have to fabricate this canned noise thing. sorry if that just crushed your hopes and dreams.

What was that score again? Riders 26 Lions 17? prrrrrrrfect :slight_smile:

Yah... well... we let you win... can't even give a word of thanks for the 16 points off of turnovers? ...sheesh, some people's children.

Meh. I blame Jimenez. Stupid Karma.

LOL. Narrow-minded and ignorant. People like you reflect very poorly on your team and province. This is a football forum. I'd have higher expectations from a six-year-old.

Barrington Womble

Well, "Debralynn" or whatever you call yourself when you hide behind your computer screen -- must be nice to have moderators looking out for you and deleting posts which call you to task even though you cast insult.
Anyway -- your GPA scores must be measured on a scale of 1 - 20 based on your grammar and spelling. You have probably never seen a university campus except from your seat on the bus on your way to the welfare office. As far as you sleeping with your cousins and naming them -- that is your business, but I will say that the RIDERS won the game -- in case you haven't got to the counting portion of your monkey math class.
See you in Toronto ...

wtf you on about?

I am not Lionsgirl...we are two different people. But maybe you're drunk and seeing double or something?

I do not hide behind a screen and, believe me, no mods here are looking out for me. Quite the opposite. So please, go back to sleeping and drooling on your chin.