Riders noise complaints!!

I think what the riders don't realize is that the only thing "PUMPED" in BC Place is the fans.
They are pumped up to watch their team play each and every game.
So I really hope the riders plan on showing up this year. Cause all the riders did with their comments on how we have simulated crowd noise pumped into the stadium is make us wanna cheer even louder!!!

Reminder to all Lions Fans, please bring your Canned Noise to the game, this Sunday. Shake 'em up and let 'em fly onto the field. Just a quick reminder that Canned Noise is only sold in six-packs on Ebay.ca. Finally, the field announcer apparently bought the last of the Kegged Noise. Please Recycle. All Hail the Canned Noise Station.

Have a safe and fun Western Final and Make NOISE!!! :twisted:

Let's Go LIONS!!! Let's Go LIONS!!!

we will be noisy but i do not think it is going to effect the Riders as bad as it did last year, but it still will be a problem, i would not want to come into this game as a Quterback with this noise.

Just remember - noise ONLY when we're on defense. Quiet as a pin when we're on offense....some seem to forget that.

Repeat after me: "we have the ball - quiet"
"they have the ball - GO NUTS!!!!"

"Debralynn" -- I sure hope you are better looking than you are intelligent. The pumped in crowd noise has been admitted, but you know what ??
RIDERS will win by 20 points on Sunday ...

quiet as pin(heads) that is appropriate ...


I think I must have been asleep or changing the cat's litter box when someone with the Lions/BC Place admitted that they piped in fan noise. What the heck are you talking about ,Arthurban? It is obvious that you have never to to a Lions game at BCP.

....well, technically the draft beer is pumped, the air to inflate the dome is pumped, players wearing a riddell T helmet have air bladders in it that need to be pumped, a longshot but any lactating mothers may dash to the bathroom to use a expressing pump....

Get NOISEMAKERS at Dollar Giant. They're called Stadium Honkers!!! The one in Burnaby at Willingdon and Hastings has boxfulls of them for a dollar.

They light up with colours and you blow into the little hole on the side and they're as loud as an air horn!!!!

About 3 inches long and they hang around your neck or fit in your pocket or inside your underwear!!!!!

Bring on the noise BC!!!!! This is not the team that couldn't handle it last year. Kent Austin will have them much better prepared than DB did. Austen has a plan, where DB said we'll deal with it when it happens.

If you check all of Arthurbans posts, he is a troll that gets his kicks trolling the Lions fans. Ignore him and he'll crawl back under his bridge. :lol:

I'm all for the Canned Noisemakers, but seriously, 120db, ya gotta cut the "fits in your underwear part." You seriously wanna put that thing near your face anytime after that? eww.

OH MY GOD !!! "Debralynn" -- I sure hope you are better looking than you are intelligent. The pumped in crowd noise has been admitted, but you know what ?? RIDERS will win by 20 points on Sunday ...
#1 My name is not "Debralynn", I am not from Saskatchewan where we sleep with our cousins and name our children stupid names.

#2 I am just as good looking as I am smart and I have a 3.8 GPA in university.

#3 Where do you get your information about the canned noise, our fans are just loud and proud!!!

and #4 The Riders have no chance everyone except you small minded Saskatchewan residents are predicting a Lions win!!! So I wouldn't even bother making the long trek out here, its just gonna end in dissapointment like it has the last 2 times you played us in the WDF.

small minded Saskatchewan residents
Well now you just had to go get personal. Let me ask you a few simple questions. Have you ever been to Saskatchewan? Have you ever met more than a handful of Saskatchewan residents? Have you ever been to Taylor Field with a sold out crowd? You have no idea as to who we are or where we come from. Please stop you little rants now and keep quiet. You have never heard noise until you come to a Rider home game. Oh and please don't rub your GPA score in our faces. There are millions of people out there a lot smarter than you are so please, please take that into consideration before you open your mouth. Thank You

actually rider1984 i have been 2 saskatchewan and also went to a game at taylor field 2 years ago i wasnt impressed at all! heard all this talk about how loud it is and it honestly doesnt compare 2 the west finals at BC place. Another thing i have never been somewere and seen so many brothers dating their sisters. UNREAL!

But ckidd00 - have you ever been to BC and seen a BROTHER dating a BROTHER? That's how they work out there.

I'm from Vancouver and I'm okay with a black man dating another black man as long as you are okay with you dating your sister.

See? It's nice we can all be open minded about things.

I agree atleast the brothers can pick there dates up in a car, alot smoother ride then a trackter

That's where you're so wrong, ckidd00.

You don't even need to pick her up, just go over to her bedroom door.

good call 81reasons my bad!