Riders new turf

Just some pictures of the Riders new turf being installed. I really like the big "Roughriders" written in the south endzone. Hopefully this link works.


hey, they went with my mini-CFL logo idea...sweet!

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=14452]http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?name=PNp ... ic&t=14452[/url]

Great stuff, actually turf is more important than say bench seats or individual seats and that. Turf, good turf that is, makes for a better overall game if the players like it.

You da man dg! :thup: :wink:

and painted endzones...nice!

Great Pictures. I think all the players will enjoy the “better” field turf!

Agreed. I think the players will find that this turf is a lot more “forgiving” and should prevent several future injuries from occurring. In an interview with Prairie Dog Matt Dominguez was even quoted as saying that the new turf would add a few extra years to his career , so we shall see how good it works when training camp opens.

Nice photos Mr, the field looks great!

Just a note that those pictures were not taken by me and that is not my blogspot. So credit for the pictures should go to Mike Knight; I just thought I’d share with the forum.

with every stadium using this field turf ( or a similar product )now, i wonder what montreal will do when hosting the '08 grey cup at the Big O?...borrow BC turf?..lol

I'm aware that Mike took them, I just wanted to thank you for sharing the link with us. :thup:

I agree DG that the mini logos and painted endzones make for a classy design. No longer is our turf "outdated" compared to other stadiums; it is now sleek and greatly improved from previous years.

Go Riders!

Not bad, too bad Riders can't get colour in their endzone, penalty of having green and white team colours. lol, although the endzone could have been black.

Great pictures and the turf looks awesome.
The only down side and we have seen it in other cities, is the stupid soccer markings.
Which makes the field look bush and not CFL exclusive.

i dont even notice the yellow lines, since there isnt that many of them.

It reminds me of a typical high school gym with lines everywhere in the combination basketball and volleyball courts.

hey, its better than the baseball diamonds visable in some NFL fields..haha...across the 40, the 30, over second base, the 10, TD..hahaha

Yea I suppose.
But, isn't there a way that the soccer markings can be removed during the CFL games?

It looks way better than the used patchwork-quilt fieldturf the Lions got from the Big O...and the stadium has the audacity to charge a $1 surcharge on Lions tickets for it.

I see Taylor Field has got a new video scoreboard also. BC Place bought theirs used for $50,000 from the Kingdome in Seattle when they were tearing it down. Incidently they have finally installed two new ribbon scoreboards in BC Place.

thats news to me...you'll be surprised with how much those ribbon scoreboards modernize the place.

now if only the lions would put a team or CFL logo at centre field and paint the endzones...it looks so 'bla' currently.

Looks great, I also really like the "Roughriders" written across the endzone. And the logo on the other endzone looks better than the helmets, IMO ... they dun good ...

I really don't mind the soccer lines on the field. Personally, I like them, because now it means I have a slim chance at playing at McMahon one day :wink: Anyway, I don't see how it makes the stadium look bush league ... I think it's just a good way of easily using the stadium for more and more events. Really no big deal.

its weird how the biggest stadium in the country doesnt even have proper turf. i know they have 6 of those new turf field/stadiums in halifax alone lol.

But at the same time, I think that turf would only be used twice a year ... I hope they find some way to bring in fieldturf for the Grey Cup. Renting it sounds fine to me ...

i know they have 6 of those new turf field/stadiums in halifax alone lol.
Shhhh, don't give the expansionists any ammunition!