Riders new site

The Riders have a slightly updated site. The only changes I've seen so far is the upper and right banners. Take a look at the site.

The layout looks almost the same. I think they just Moved the poll and got rid of the player card in the top right corner.And also the top of the page is different.

I like the new top banner. Two greats (Reed and Jurasin) and hopefully a future great.(Joseph)

If Riderville still isn't free, who cares?


Riderville is basically free, just that a few sections are only accessible by Fan Club members!

Not sure why people have a problem with giving special privilages to Fan Club members????

Because it should all be free.....?

Fan club members get discounts on the fact book, parking, etc. Should these discounts apply to everyone? Once again I ask you, what is wrong with giving special privilages to Fan Club members???

Heck, if I chose to spend my money and become a fan club member, why should you whine about the privilages I get? Remember the old AMEX slogan....

Regardless of all the discounts and perks.
The Roughriders Official Homepage should have no blocked sections. I cannot find a depth chart. Why?
There is no need to disallow non-"privileged" fans portions of a page, just have another page for the "privileged"

I agree about the web page. There should be no blocked sections. The "privileged" should still get their discounts and other junk but why restrict those who can't afford it on the web site? Makes no sense other than pure greed.

My beef with the extra priviledges was that they only accepted one type of credit card a couple years back when I was serious about joining it. So I had the money and the means, but I lived out of town and they wouldn't accept my credit card.

shut up and support yout team