Riders new game plan

All right so everyone and his dog knows what teams are going to do against the Riders,bring heat and bring it often. Perhaps the Riders should be using this to their advantage.
On the first offensive series( Pun may or may not be intended) have Durant in shotgun about 15-20 yards back and all the O line just grab a defender and hang on for dear life as long as possible. Durant then runs around in circles for as long as possible and then fires it out of bounds. Yes they will get called for holding and moved back. Do the same thing again making the defenses really work up a sweat braking the holds and chasing Durant. Now it's first and 30, try to get back 10 yards on first and even 5 yards on second leaving 3rd and 15. Punt and pin the other team.

Now this is the crucial part,the defense must get a quick two and out so the other teams defense is still huffing and puffing. Repeat the same procedure and punt again. Once more our defense will be called upon to not allow a first down. Third times the charm with the same result.

By now the defense of the other teams are so dogged out then maybe we can go back to a honest attempt at playing. Some may scoff and say but we get no points in the first quarter,however that has been the case anyways so why not at least get something beneficial out of it? The O line might be able to give pass protection then since their opponents are standing with their tongues hanging out,heck we might even get a few yards running the ball.
Cortez move over JimmyTheGreek is gunning for your job. :wink: