Riders Need A NEW Kicker merged with solution to kicking pro

this guy is the reason why the game is tight along with the poor officiating.

The officals were giving the ARGOS lots of penilties…and SASK…very few.

I was at the game , and the calls were very 1 sided SASK…way… :wink:

the kicker needs to be cut like tomorrow.

Typical Rider post after a loss.

We gave him a chance, we gave him a few chances. Enough is enough. McCallum has got to go.

The one ball was also uncatchable on the pass interference call but they still called it at point of foul.

what are talking abou, he is ok!

Well nows the time to get that manure out! I think it is time for the Riders to look for a new kicker. He has missed one or two every game so far. Shivers where is that kicker man the Riders can not take this any more.

CUT THE GUY! :evil:

I have given him enough chances!

I’ll jump on this bandwagon. You can’t give up any points in the CFL, and those 20-35 yarders should be hit at least 90% of the time. He’s missed 5 of his last 7. It’s a slump, but it’s gotta affect the team when your kicker misses the short-medium ones.

I agree that Paul isn’t pulling his weight, but he’s a Canadian… If the Riders cut him and replace him with an import that leaves them having to drop another import. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

no…like NOW!

Get a life hoopster, officials called the right calls, we lost cause of many reasons.

Missed Field Goals.
Terrible penalties by the Defence, (The one that sticks out the most to me is Benefields late hit on Allen which gave em a first down instead of a punting situation)

Dropped Passes
Bad handoff between Greene & Szarka

Bad play calling in the final 17 seconds of the game where you have to throw the hail mary.

Greene can throw the ball well over 60 yards hell send down your 6 pack and throw to the receiver that has the smallest cover on him as all the Riders Receivers are 6` and over.

Overall Greene looks like he is going to keep playing solid, and for those that say the passes are behind the line or under 5 yards well hey, you take what the D gives you and when they decide to stop and attack then you throw over their heads.

Both in this game and the Hamilton one our secondary has taken key penalties and it has to stop now.

You just need to quit dumping shit on the mans lawn and threating his wife and he will be just fine.

They need to make up some sort of a fine for taking penalties, dropping balls, missing fgs. How about a case of beer for each infraction? Works in the beer leagues!

no shit !!! PE is right rider fans! you have one bad player and you want to kill him! in the peg, we have all kind of shit players in our ofence (O line, Glenn, maybe Martin, Daley is a bad chouch) and it shows! so c’mon, he is a good kicker and he put points in the game! Why don’t you trade him with us for Troy Westwood? HHHMM??? with Troy’s bad attutide, you can take him!

…good luck trying to find a new kicker…especially a non-import…it’s not like they’re lining up to tryout…I think you’re stuck with chinless paul for awhile riders…

LOL a 2/4, sound like our hockey team, anyone doesn’t show up for a game without calling or getting a replacement they get a fine and the fine is a 2/4.

we always have lots to drink :slight_smile:

McCallum’s still better than Westwood. He’s just missing key field goals lately, he’s in a slump and he’ll come out of it. He works hard in practice/

I don’t like Westwood and I’d agree with you 2 yrs ago but now i think westwood has the edge.


I’d swap McCallum for Westwood anyday.
The only problem would be getting the rider fans and players not to kill westwood! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: