Riders name Defensive Staff - Hall DC

god. I guess they can't afford to pay him out and get another DC.

Hall is the DC

Alex Smith is the Assistant to HC and LB Coach

Mike Walker is Defensive Line Coach

Barron Miles is DB coach

IMHO - this looks like a very good group of Coaches - on both sides of the ball

I could've done without RH as DC but I want to be proven wrong about that. Actually I would've liked to see a total revamp as we saw on the offensive side of things. It looks like on the defensive side we will be exposed to the same old bend but don't break philosophy - let's hope this season we see a lot less of the break.

Why start another thread when there are already 2 others directly related to this topic? Both of these threads were started by yourself.

duh, cause one is about the Defensive Staff hiring?

why do you care?

Just saying that it prevents duplication of posts. I had posted the defensive staffing on your thread about RH and then suddenly you pop up with a new thread posting what I had already posted on your previous thread. I like longer threads with continuity of thought instead of several threads with 3 or 4 posts and duplication of ideas. Just my preference is all - sorry if I offended.

Too bad we didn't try to get Stubler - it didn't take Wally long to snap him up.

The one thing that does concern me a bit is if there are going to be tensions created from this. Typically the assistant head coach is is either the OC or DC, but the OC is brand new to his position (and thus not assistant), and then there is Hall. Hall being back for one year after being a HC and many moons with the Riders in the past has been passed over, and instead the LB coach, who essentially works under him, is the assistant. I must wonder if this has potential to create some tensions from a couple different angles.

I was wondering something similar, especially when I saw that Alex Smith is listed as Assistant to the Head Coach as well as being Linebackers Coach. So in a sense, Smith works for Hall, but at the same time, he kind of outranks him. I guess the Riders are used to this kind of convoluted flow chart after last year, but it still seems a bit odd to me. Hopefully, this doesn't come into play.

As I've said on other threads, my concern isn't so much with Hall as it is with whom he will be given to work with. Last years crop of DBs was particularly vulnerable, and the worst one (IMHO) just re-signed. (Graham) Maybe some additional pressure from the D-Line could serve to camoflage the weaknesses in the secondary, but will it be enough? Maybe Barron Miles as DB coach will help a lot there. It sure won't hurt.

Given the right personnel, Richie is a proven success as a DC. That being said, and interview with Stubler would have been nice, but I'm willing to give Richie the benefit of the doubt for now. Let's hope Taman helps him out a bit this offseason.