Riders @ Montreal

The AC spoiler day? Stuff them like a turkey?

Changes on the 46

  • Hurl starting inside in place of Kilgore, who has been 6 gamed to end his career.
  • Labatte is getting a much needed rest, but Clark is in his place. This, IMO, will be the battle to watch. Very interested to see how he does, and if he steps up it would indicate he is ready to be a full time starter. Fulton is back on the 46, and I am guessing they shuffle things around to get him on the 44 so he can come in if Clark struggles. Really glad Labatte is getting a break...he needed it.
  • With Hurl starting there is some ratio wiggle with Fulton.
  • Doege listed as #2 still. Not to surprising I guess, with KJ ony having a couple practices.
  • Walker sitting over the new DT? Wonder if he is actually dinged? Walker has looked pretty darned good this year, so I find this pretty interesting.

Undersized at MLB the Riders will be relying on fast reaction by them, and either great tackling or fast contact to slow running backs down until the supporting cast steps in. Crompton doesn't see to get too rattled from hits, but the Riders need to test that a few times. It is time for the DL to start winning the sack race in games again!

On O, I guess Ford is out...don't entirely get it. With Best back, anticipate some extra runs to the right. Cortez NEEDS NEEDS NEEDS to open Tino's playbook. I know the MO for the Riders is get that first first down, then go from there. Here is an idea...start the game with a direct snap to Swain in motion! Try something new!!! But keep that book open. When Tino gets in a rhythm he looks darned good.

to say more on Ford/Allen...I really don't like Ford being 6 gamed. IMO his speed gave the D something else to think about...a change-up. Allen an Messam are a pile more similar and that variance, to me, worked. I think this is a very poor assessment.

I'm a bit worried about Clark to be honest. Just getting Best back I would like to see the O line back intact. Yes I understand its been a long haul since the bye week and two very hard games coming up against Edmonton and Calgary but the Montreal defense is not to be taken lightly either. I just hope Clark can get it done because if Tino goes down then we are in even a bigger pickle.

Riders always have trouble in Montreal and I don't see this one being any different. I really hope they can re establish the run game in order to keep the defense off the field. Yes I agree Tino needs to get involved early and get a rhythm. If he can do that he seems to settle in and start to make things happen but quick two and outs and I think he will still struggle.

Going to be a nail biter I think and the team who can stay away from the flags and the turnovers wins.

Ya I didn't necessarily like Ford being put on the 6 game, but IMO, something had to give. They are getting injured players back and will jiggle roster to have the best depth. If they need a speed type running back, they can always do something with Dressler for a direct snap, or sweep. Messam has shown he is capable to catch the ball out of the backfield, so I like him in there.
If the team decides they don't need Ford, maybe Taman should get on the phone and make a trade. I think Hamilton needs a running back.... Could likely get something for him anyway rather than him walking away in offseason

As far as getting down to the 44, you likely see a Dlineman (Boudreaux or Aghayare) and R. Smith sitting, but who knows... Would they sit Fulton again?

Sunseri has to realize that this is a Montreal defense.... They will pressure! And he can't get rattled early if he doesn't have success. It will be important for the Riders to get the running game established early, and get plays that will try get Tino into an early rhythm.

It's that time of the year the team has to start putting it all on the line for victories. No different than when they started the 7 game win streak. It may be a little more difficult with Tino and his inexperience, but it will be up to the veterans to lead this team. IMO, today is a must win! It will give them the confidence that they earned a playoff spot on their own. It will allow them to stay neck and neck with the Eskimos for a home playoff game. And it should make them feel good that they can go into a tough Montreal stadium and win a tough game on Anthony Calvillo day against a fired up Montreal team

Well if they have decided to go with just Messam and Allen then yes trading Ford does make sense.Yes Hamilton could be in the market but being the deadline is just two days away something would have to happen rather quickly. Is there anyone on Hamilton that we could use or realistically get for Ford?

Austin puts so little emphases on the running game and it cost him a win against Toronto not being able to take time of the clock effectively via the passing game. So has he learned from it and might reconsider the value of having a running back to step in if the starter goes down? Actually this is the second time this season he got caught with his pants down and only one starting back and that also quite possibly cost him a win. So does he push his luck and go for three or does he actually make having a backup running back part of his game plan.

I don't think the Riders need a player in return for Ford... But maybe they can get a draft pick back

I am also not sure what the rules are on the 6 game roster and whether they have the option to bring a player back early or not... IIRC, players put on the 6 game can't even practice for about 4 games. But once again, I'm not sure..

Well this game is gone into the crapper in a hurry. Tino again just can't seem to get anything going. After the fumble he coughed up on the cox hit he has been completely ineffective.

Defense just can't cover the Montreal receivers or win battles for the ball. Now we have another potential ugly game coming up against Edmonton. How do they get this offense on track besides going out and hiring God almighty himself to step in as quarterback?

Cortez called the first half like a fn moron
He told Tino 1 thing in that first half...we don't trust you. 22 or 24 plays to 1 guy? Really? I liked establishing the run, but then you need to stretch it. This is idiotic. If you aren't going to use Tino with an open playbook where he excelled you may as well play someone else to see what they have. Tino got ZERO experience out of this.
and WTF are they going for a 48 yard FG into the wind for! I am shocked he had the leg to make it that close.

agree and disagree a bit about the play calling. Yes they established the run and that was good and it was effective but to just use that and not go to ore play action is where things bogged down. Allen was getting good yards and Montreal had to respect the run and that is when you have to use that to your advantage and get the ball out to other players. That didn't happen and then Montreal started to key off the run and of course that got stopped and once again the two and outs started to pile up. Now we got quick pick Doege in and true to forum he just threw yet another. I don't understand putting Doege in yes Tino has not been effective but he has to take his licks and learn from it not sit on the bench.

So do we see Joesph get some action in this one too or possibly next week?

Well, given how poorly Sunseri and Doege have looked, it would not surprise me if Taman called Ottawa again and sweetened his offer for Burris. . . I think there's time before the trade deadline. . . and let's face it, Riders are going nowhere with these 2 guys.

I dont think they'll play Joseph...they said he didn't take any reps since he's being aquired . There's just simply no excuse for this type of play. It's one thing to lose by a small margin but to lose and play this badly with the talent on this team is unacceptable.

When did Tino look bad? one bad pass?
You can't pass that little and expect any QB to have success. The only thing they did was Allen in the first half. They never even pondered expanding on anything.

Doege on the other hand...may as well have went with KJ.

Yikes it is possible but again only two days to do it in and again Burris has not been a ball of fire either so do you empty the bank today on a bit of a risky stock market or do you eat it and just hope that Durant is available for the playoffs and if he isn't do you still just suck it up and play it out this year? Ottawa lost out on the Dressler war and they will not give Hank up cheap cheap. Starters on the O line to give up or one of our best Dline men is a very high price and that is exactly I suspect Ottawa to want or who on receivers would we cough up obviously not Dressler(Taman would be run out of town for that) so that leaves Bagg, or Getz and still possibly like I said one of the linemen on either side of the ball. If and I know it wouldn't happen but if they would take Clark and perhaps Taj Smith. ( hate to lose him) then it is possible but to lose either Chick, or Labatte, Heenan, or Best those guys in my mind are untouchable. Not saying Taman sees it the same way but I don't think he would be very popular in town.

[quote="JimmytheGreek "]Yikes it is possible but again only two days to do it in and again Burris has not been a ball of fire either so do you empty the bank today on a bit of a risky stock market or do you eat it and just hope that Durant is available for the playoffs

LOL...you think they'll make the playoffs?

It still sounds like DD has a realistic chance of coming back. Why on earth would they trade for a couple of games? When it was more doubtful, sure, but it continues to sound very optimistic. Everyone knows that iff DD is back in this is a different team.

With the East playing heads up, it is unlikely 3rd will have 9 wins, and the Bombers play the Esks tonight and the Stamps a couple of times...they drop on and the Riders get at minimum a crossover if there is one.

If winnipeg loses then yes they have a very good chance. The possibility of a home playoff game is getting very dim.

Still...not much to get excited about if they are going to play like this. Durant coming back for one game after being off for so long will not make the difference here. If we're going down in a ball of flames, may as well turf Cotex in the process.

Durant is a vet. He would be back in form fast enough. Supposedly he will potentially be doing light tosses this week, then he has more practice, a bye and a practice week before the finale. That is lots of time if that course is indeed true.

well...in any event...still think we need a new OC...just sayin. Keep KJ on as qb coach and I bet the first guy interviewed for OC would be whats his face that got fired last yr from Edmonton Kavis Reed...mark it...I said it!! lol

Were all the runs in the first half designed runs, or was there a zone read option built in that Sunseri was ignoring? I'm curious. Have never seen a CFL team run the ball that much in the first half of a football game with the outcome still in doubt.