Riders @ Montreal Aug. 09

Well I think the Rider Defence will have to be a ‘Major’ part a win if the expect to beat Montreal. I don’t feel we’ll have a problem scoring points.
Keeping Montreal points off the board will be the foundation point to a win imho
Hopefully the Riders don’t come out sputtering or over confident after the win against the Ticats.
It takes great mental discipline for a team to keep winning.
Go Riders.

From listening to Dickenson and from what I’ve read, this game looks to be a pivitol Game with the Riders going into a ‘Bye Week’ and then 2 home games.
Going into the bye with a Win would be great; but I think this Montreal game will be more physical then the Hamilton win.

???Dont think anyone predicted that. 2 defensive fumble scoop and scores, and a shortened game due to weather.

Big win tonight. The defense is really coming in to form since they put LJ McCray in for Solomon Means. It gives them more opportunities for blitz. A couple of those blitzes were really well designed too.

As I felt right from the get go when I posted the Defence was going to be the key to winning this game and it was. Terrific job!
Having said that I felt the Offence was ‘flat’ and ineffective at times. One thing I’m noticing is Fajardo’s “patented” Reverse pivot out of the pocket when rushed. Teams are going to flag that move, and start scheming a man to counter, and one of those times when Fajardo goes for that reverse pivot out of the pocket he’s going to get absolutely cracked by somebody waiting for him.
Me thinks he goes to that way too predictably.
Just saying.

Mtl has a really good defense. I did like how the offense was able to string a few first downs when they were backed up in their own end. Little things like that are important especially in close games to flip the field.

I think the Special Teams cover guys need to be doing some wind sprints in practice. Ryan is just plain old out kicking the coverage.

You can’t ask the guy to back off on his kicks. That’s like asking a quarterback to deliberately under throw everybody. But these cover guys need to get on their horses faster and better.

Yes agreed, and Dickenson has said as much after pretty much every game. He keeps accepting the responsibility for ST problems; unfortunately the improvement has been minimal at best imho.
I think players are going to have get better quickly or heads could role. In this day and age of the CFL, ‘Special Teams’ play is extremely important…especially giving the increase in phenomenal kick return athletes.

I agree that you don’t want your punter backing off , just please put the punt between the hash and sideline , kicking the ball 60yards down the middle isn’t fair to the cover guys it’s just to much field to cover.

Some of it is out kicking…a pile of it is guys not being on the same page at alarming levels. I know he is trying to give some space as the exiting STC…which is the right thing to do…but it is time to step in a bit. You can’t have side by side lanes where a guy trails 8 yards…that is going to burn you. You can’t push the returner where you want (generally inside) like that

I would anticipate changes over the bye