Riders might sign Donald Brady

There's talk the Riders might sign Donald Brady after their secondary was picked apart by Henry Burris on the weekend . - Edmonton Sun ...... what are your thoughts on this 8) , i think the help is needed :cowboy:

definitely a good move. He is a good DB, and it looks like we need all the help we can get.

LOL i love it..now alll of you desperate roughies love him, and you are all the same that called me a cheater last year.

him a cheater not me

Brady's definitely got a couple of years of good football left in him. I believe he was name to the CFL all star team last year. I can only assume that Edmonton cut him to go younger and cheaper at that position. Either way, he's not a long term investment, but he could certainly help a team for the short term.

never said he was a cheater, so what are you talking about? I always thought he was a good DB. RNR, maybe you should go back to kindergarten maybe you will pass this time round.

Maybe you never called Brady a cheater when he played for Edmonton, sambo, but there is no shortage of CFL fans around the league, outside of Edmonton, that belly ached every week about how Brady would hold and interfere on every play, and hardly ever get called. I think the average football fan is a layman at best, when it comes to the rules, and can't tell the difference between an aggressive, physical DB, and one who breaks the rules. But either way, Brady did push the envelope alot.

I always thought he was a good cover guy, never seen him "cheat", I would imagine its just sour grapes-- but RNR painted everyone with the same brush-- I guess he has nothing better to do with his time than make idiotic comments without thinking, but it shoudnt be a surprise.

Whats up with all that younger and cheaper garbage from edmonton? it seems like they are releasing a bunch of quality guys. Can anyone explain this to me?

Yeah, and I have been one who has criticized him. IMO, it's been justified. There's tight coverage and then there's Brady coverage. He didn't get all those flags for interference and contact from being an angel.

As to whether Regina could use him, probably. But as already pointed out, he isn't long-term solution.

I think it speaks volumes that Ssk didn't change a starter on D this year --- IIRC. Now the weaknesses have been exposed and they're scrambling to find answers.

...Let Danny B.....have a couple of more sleeps....maybe he'll come up with some answers.....seems he was pretty content with his team over the off-season....lol lol...send the Shiv. back to Las Vegas....he can do some gambling down there....oh ...no.. i mean scouting down there ...he'll bring back a winner....i think the riders are really waiting till they cut Durden in Edm.....now he would be a good fit...and he'd really like to play there.. :lol: :lol:

Dany Maciocia wants to leave his mark by doing what has almost never been done in Edmonton… So he’s trying to miss the playoffs…

All the DB's cheat to some point on their "jams". Some can get that extra grab without getting caught, and others get caught more often. Brady will be a good addition to whoever picks him up.

This team needs more than Donny Brady to fix what ails it. They should start with some subtractions before they consider any more additions.

Huh? Take a look at the roster! Almost half of the guys that started on the D in the last game were not starters for the Riders last year!!! Get your facts straight!