Riders mess up again!!!!!!

Ok so the Riders were unable to sign (or unwilling) Reggie Hunt so he goes to Edmonton... sigh.

what the hell is wrong with this club?

he should have been with us!

Nothing against Hunt, but he is no where near as good as the LB's we have with us right now, with Williams coming back we are going to be just fine. We now have 5 good LB's who are all going to be getting playing time. Why would we need 6?

Good for EE.
Awesome for RH.

Hunt plays smart football, always at a high level , he is also a hard hitter that manages to stay injury free too.

The Riders have a possible 10 games remaining. I would have liked Reggie Hunt added to the Rider roster for depth and his valuable experience

Considering RH lives in Regina I’d of thought he was a short term shoe-in for our Grey Cup run.

You can only have so many players on the roster. Who do you suggest we let go?

I don't know what is wrong with this organization, not signing players we don't need for more money than they are worth. Reggie was a good player and maybe still is but is not worth the money he is asking for. He should stick to his management position at the Crown corporation and be happy

How do we know how much he asked for? It's not fair blaming Hunt.

The Riders are tied for 1st. What the hell is wrong with all the other clubs? His brother plays for BC and they are in last place. What is wrong with Buono? What is wrong with Winnipeg and Toronto? Or maybe they don't think Hunt is as good as he used to be. Edmonton didn't sign him until they played 10 games. What was wrong with RIchie Hall?

Rey Williams is coming back, and Kornegay has played well.. which has been a pleasant surprise, given the fact that he is not that great of a DB. Lucas is solid on the other side, and with Williams set to return, I really don't see where Hunt would fit in, to be honest, unless you go with 3 -down lineman and 4 LBs.. but then Kitwana Jones would be the next in line if the Riders used that 3-4 combo, even though he is listed as a DE, in reality he is a linebacker, or that is where his best play has been...

We have no LBs on the PR and only having 5 on the roster is not very many. At the beginning of the year we had at least 6 import LBs on the roster--Williams. Lucas, Kornegay, Freeman, Stewart, Amour plus McCullough and Wagner in a pinch. So we have lost 3 LBs, out for the year, have a 4th who is coming off a serious knee injury, and have replaced those 3 with one guy who is not a true LB. We definitely could have used Reggie....

Reggie is going to take a job away from Mo Lloyd?

Methinks not.

He was signed to bring some veteran leadership to a struggling Edmonton defense.
We've got ED back there. We don't have a need for that kind of player.

So what do you do with RH when those LBs come off the injured list? If we signed guys just for sentimental reasons, Corey Holmes would still be a Rider. So who do you take off the roster to fit him in.. Armstead? Foord? Szarka?... Hunt was a good LB, but I believe his best days are behind him.

Every time I see you post it's always negative. What's with that?

maybe you should post more often..

I am not happy that the Riders didn't do everything they could to get him.. now he goes to the Esks. ANYONE but the Eskimos!!

I agree anyone but the eskimos but to be honest if the rider brass didn't want him they must have had a pretty good reason!!

We don’t need Reggie Hunt. Has anyone noticed how well Mike McCullough played when Williams was out. Maybe he’s not a star but he has done a great job for the Riders.

yeah… Id rather see him go to a team that truly needs him, rather than the Esks who don’t need anyone better. they already have the talent… it’s just the coaching that is lacking!

Maybe Reggie's best days are behind him, or maybe they aren't. But as to what do you do with those injured players when they come back, like anything else, you worry about that when it happens---which will be next year for three of them. And how do you get Reggie on the roster? You take off one of the DBs that are currently our back-up LB, or you take off Antonio Hall. But we are light at the LBing position so you find a way to get another one on the roster. If the coaches honestly believe there was no need, nor room for Hunt, so be it. But I am skeptical that was it.