Riders may soon be most profitable franchise in N. America

per Dave Naylor...

[b]CFL News ?@CFL_News .@TSNDaveNaylor - #Riders new stadium may make $Riders on % basis the most profitable sports franchise in North America. #CFL via @TSNDrive[/b]

time for a little income splitting aye what :slight_smile:

They will never beat The Winnipeg Goldeyes… The mayor’s baseball team pays out a paultry 150k/ year for the entire roster salary and yet average more revenue than that for every single home game they play

The Riders had $66M in revenues in 2013, the year they hosted the highly-successful 101st Grey Cup. It was reported that exceeded the revenues of 10 NHL teams that year. The Riders sell more merchandise than the Canucks, Oilers, Flames, Senators, Jays, Jets (and all other CFL teams combined). All this from a provincial population of just over 1 million, which is dwarfed by Mississauga/Brampton region, for example.

A big factor in the Riders profitability is the lean corporate structure typical of most CFL teams. CFL franchises have seen some tough times over the years and realize it's always wise to save for a rainy day, not blow their largesse on bloated management or hyper-inflated player salaries like the American major leagues.

Rogers 'Rash twitted that Rogers wasn't interested in the Argos because they'd lose $8 to $9 million being run "properly" (as run by Rogers). Rogers specializes in losing money on their sports endeavors...huge amounts, hundreds of millions. $50 million lost on the Bills series; $500 million in accrued loses by the BJ's (Bob McCowan said recently the Jays lose a huge amount of money, enormous)...then there's Rogers massive overbid for NHL rights, and so on.

Former CFL commissioner Cohon said the Argos could be in the "black" with TSN's new TV contract. The Ticats announced this week they'll turn a profit this season and it's likely every game would be soldout this season at THF. Some Hamilton fans were already surprised to learn that tickets to most games were in short supply. This same phenomenon will likely be repeated with the Argos move to the newly-upgraded BMO. The new Argo owners Tannenbum & Bell have already predicted that every game for the Argos at BMO will be soldout (just like I have been suggesting to much criticism over the past couple years... :wink: )

The RedBlacks were encouraged by the 80% renewal rate of season ticket subscribers, which is apparently excellent for a new franchise's second season. With the addition of many new season ticket holders, the Ottawa team is only 1,500 below last season's total with a few weeks left to go until the opening regular season kickoff. :thup:

since the Riders stymied Ottawa from using their long standing traditional name (est.1898) I'm guessing the odds of them agreeing to any type of revenue sharing is 0:0

"Saskatachewan $66m in revenue" It was "GROSS REVENUE"
Good numbers but then you have to subtract the "expenses" which means a profit of just over $10 million in 2013.
$9.4 million profit FROM the Grey Cup and - $1 million from the 2013 regular season

[url=http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/Record+profits+Roughriders/9884995/story.html]http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/Record ... story.html[/url]

You can also download the "Saskatchewan Roughriders report to shareholders" to get the detailed numbers.

However, I do agree with your last paragraph the REDBLACKS doing great with season ticket holders, I renewed this year.
As for the predictions by Tannebaum that the Argos will sell-out at BMO? I don't believe he said that but if he did he has a lot of work to do to get back them Argo fans that failed to show up at the RC.

That's great news for the Riders, I'm all for the betterment of the league as a whole no matter what. I'm thinking other teams like my Esks are on an upward swing with profitability as well. Save for perhaps BC and Montreal? And by that I mean younger crowds getting interested.

As for the apparent claim that Tann&Bell predict sold out games for Toronto, I am weary, but I do think they are in a much better spot in BMO with a far more intimate stadium in 2016. I predict a season average of 23,000-25,000 for when they move there. Bold prediction?

My laugh for the day. :lol:

I don't think your prediction for the Argos is off at all. As for B.C., Braley is making money because ticket prices are so high there. The worry I have about that market is that it isn't growing with those high ticket prices and I worry about where attendance will be in a few years from now although hopefully Braley will have sold the team by then to someone with more vision.

Montreal's finances have always been difficult to get a handle on. Media reports say that Wetenhall loses money year after year but I have always had my doubts. I will say though that corporate sponsorships have declined a fair bit over the last few years which can't be helping Wetenhall's bottom line.

With the additional revenue streams this year, I can't imagine him losing money in 2015.

Wete hall used the I'm losing money line, to get the city to pay for the expansion to the staduim. Just look at the ticket prices in Montreal. Go to ticket master and checkout all the over 100 bucks per tickets that are sold. Plus Montreal has the highest Corp sponsor money in the league at one time over 6 million per season, now it's at about 4million, add that to 4.5 million in TV money and a game day gate of between 1.3 to 1.6 million and Montreal is doing fine. The guy dropped 700,000 just in consultants last year for half way through the season.the cost of running a CFL team is between 14 million and 17 million

Add the $500K for the Grey Cup naming rights and I agree.

Shaw is also sponsoring regular season games for the 2nd half of the season (Friday Night Football presented by Shaw?), along with the CFL player awards. The total Shaw sponsorship could top $1 million per team. Commissioner Cohon said the CFL ESPN contract was in "the six-figures" ($100,000 to $999,999). Not sure if that was for one season but it does generate some revenue from the U.S. along with raising the league profile down south.

Let's also not forget the the Canadian Football League (CFL) has partnered with New York-based multi-channel network (MCN) Whistle Sports on a new sales and content partnership. The partnership was announced during the NewFronts in New York.

The CFL and Whistle Stop also plan to offer multi-platform content integration opportunities for brands wishing to engage with millennials and the CFL brand.

Remember, though, that that number is pure speculation . . . and on the low end of the speculation. Many papers reported the league looking in the $10 million range, which would double that $500k per team. Now, is either speculation realistic? Who knows, but time will likely tell.

You are perhaps right, but I guess I should have put 23,000-25,000 actual people there in the seats, not tickets sold. But I guess that it may not be that much of a stretch with the allure of a new stadium for the Argos. I guess time will tell.

[/quote} since the Riders stymied Ottawa from using their long standing traditional name (est.1898) I'm guessing the odds of them agreeing to any type of revenue sharing is 0:0
Those two things are not connected and not accurate.

Also, having two teams in one small league with the same name is the STUPIDEST thing in the entire world. The Stupidest.

Also, have a nice day. :smiley:

Let's just hope the Riders don't jump ship at some point to the NFL and I'm actually being somewhat serious really. They are probably a lot closer than Toronto once they get their new digs.

We should remember Ottawa and Regina played in different football leagues for their first 60 years and only started playing against one another in 1961, one game per season. So the similar nicknames wasn't weird or confusing. Both teams had a long and storied history, Saskatchewan in the Western Interprovincial Football Union and Ottawa in the Interprovincial Rugby Football Union. It would have been ridiculous to ask either team to change their name...and for what reason, to avoid ridicule from some smarmy Toronto media who don't follow the league or know its history?

Nobody seems to have a problem with the NCAA every time that Clemson and LSU play - or the other 9 million college teams called Tigers. Or how about all those teams called Huskies? Nobody ever says SEC or NCAA aint legit, yet somehow the CFL is bush because they had Roughriders and Rough Riders. :confused: Fresno State would never think to call themselves Bull Dogs to differentiate themselves from Georgia or Gonzaga or the other 972 teams with the same name. :roll:

Yes, but there are also a lot more than 9 teams in the NCAA.