Riders make some bold moves

Riders signed Ryan Grice-Mullen and released Prechae Rodriguez (under utilized and was not being used properly by berry), Just my opinion, interesting moves by Taman, smart? time will tell!!

Other news ---- Ricky Foley re-signs with BC and Stevie Baggs in talks with T.O

Oops read that wrong, Foley signed with T.O AFTER telling BC he would return … Ouch … T.O also in talks with FA Stevie Baggs, wow for a team with no cap room these are two pretty big names!!

You bring in the guys you want at a price you want to pay and then if you have to cut payroll they cold move a guy like Murphy on the nine game or something. It is almost sad what GM's have to do to muddle through the sms.

Riders can have Grice-Mullin. He was one of those guys who, to me, seemed to have memorable drops for BC like we've with Bowman this year. I couldn't understand how he got a look in the NFL, but I guess with the way the return game is out there they'll look at anyone. I'm surprised at Prechae. He had some huge catches at the beginning of the year for the Riders, maybe not so great as of late, but really who has stood out for them in the last few games. Carr's on the PR, I'm not convinced Prechae is done, could be worth a look see if a spot opens up. Dorsey looked terrible at the Banjo bowl, had a front row seat for that. He hasn't looked the same as he did in Toronto. Is not having a dome and needing to deal with the elements a factor? Who knows.

.....Could be Prechae is headed for t.o. :roll: ... They're weak at receiver and seem to be in a signing frenzy :lol:

T.O signed Jusin Medlock ... Medlock, Foley, Calvin Armstrong and apparently in talks with Stevie Baggs and Lumsden, getting a little suspicious in T.O to say the least!! :roll: