Riders make offer to Clermont, so do Stamps

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Riders, Stampeders both make offer to Clermont
TSN.ca Staff
12/10/2008 2:53:52 PM
Text SizeIt does not appear as though non-import wide receiver Jason Clermont will be unemployed for very long as there are reportedly two CFL teams battling for his services.

Clermont told CKNW in Vancouver that he has two offers on the table at the moment. One from the Calgary Stampeders and another from the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

The Regina native, who was cut by the BC Lions last week said that he spoke to Stampeders' general manager and head coach John Hufnagel on Tuesday where an offer was made. He then received an additional offer from Riders GM Eric Tillman Tuesday night.

The 2002 CFL Most Oustanding rookie, who expects to make a decision in the next couple of days had nothing but good things to say about both organizations but was especially impressed with how the Stampeders handled their business.

"I was quite taken aback by the professionalism that Calgary displayed with their recruiting," Clermont told CKNW. "It's outstanding. They've basically had their entire coaching staff call and discuss what they would be doing."

Clermont also stated that a key to his decision would be his role within the team and how he would fit in.

"You don't want to upset the current roster, you want to be compensated fairly but you also want to earn your compensation so that was a concern," Clermont said.

The two-time Most Oustanding Canadian is looking to bounce back in 2009 after injuries caused him to miss the last three regular season games with a strained MCL.

In seven CFL seasons, all with the Lions, the 30-year old made 428 receptions for 5,917 yards.

Well that's gotta be a good shot in the gut for Tillman. If the professional level of the 2 teams is so far apart that one is goaded over in the media, that tells me Clermont just took his first step to the old Rider doghouse. I would be amazed if he isn't in Calgary. This is very reminiscent of another player who ended up in Calgary a few years ago. The picture in Calgary was just more impressive than Riderville, from Management on down.

753 kms from Regina to Calgary, or 1 hour 23 minutes by plane, if anyone cares to dwell on that little tidbit. :?

Calgary already has, arguably, the top receiving corps in the league. Unless they are prepared to move someone out, JC might not get as much playing time there as he'd like.........whereas in Green and White he knows he'll playing first string.

I was under the impression Clermont genuinely wanted too play here, live here and retire here.
Why else would JC earn a Saskatchewan realtors license.
Does JC plan on using his CFL celebrity status to promote his post football career, if so, signing here would be in his best intrest.
JC has two offers, if both are comparable and we get snubed for the Stamps, i don't think JC's CFL card will mean squat here when selling real estate

I think it will. He is still a Regina-born CFLer. However, if he becomes a Rider, he will have more options.


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its about time!

Who are u guys going to cut now ?

I don't think Flick is going to be resigned unless he is willing to play wideout, but I don't think that is a natural position for him. Remains to be seen but I would imagine that he will not be a Roughrider next year. Too bad he is a good guy and gave his all for the Riders every time he suited up.

Flick is a posibility, especially if cap room is an issue. Palmer is toast, which is a good thing.

Leaving aside Grant and Palmer, the Riders now have Fantuz, Getzlaff, Clermont, Nicholson and Bagg as Canadian receivers. Not bad.