Riders make big defensive plays to stops Elks late comeback attempt

EDMONTON — Trevor Harris‘ debut with the Saskatchewan Roughriders would’ve been a lot less sweet if it were not for the efforts on the other side of the ball.

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The Rider D was very good. It helped that Cornelius was subpar. Behind often and off the mark enough to make a timely difference. The Rifer O isn’t crisp yet and may be ordinary anyway. But dang that D looks good on the line and the back end especially.

They looked especially good on that 102 yard Lewis td pass hey ? They looked looked good against a garbage qb in Cornelius , any pee wee D could have stopped that goal line stand with Esks OC calling the plays lol just wait until they play a real qb with a real OC and a real offence

I was unaware that a good D was suposed to be 200 percent able to shut down openents 100 percent of the time.
As for the goal line stand AND that ensuing March down the field mostly with the run game to run the clock out …please give credit where credit is due… Not to mention the Elk O-line was not a pushover by any means.



Yeah the D looked sloppy at times but overall it was pretty locked down. Kudos to Edmonton as well, they only allowed 1 TD but fell apart at the end. Riders O looks 100% better than last year. Still gave up a few sacks but at least it wasn’t 8+. Is it perfect? No, was it just game 1? Yes. We shall see where it goes down the line. A true test will be this week vs The Bombers.

Edmonton will be fine. That team they have now looks special and will only get better throughout the season


Some fans display such anger when there favorite hate team wins… How can they enjoy the game when they have such a chip on their shoulder… Riders won because they played better … It don’t matter they were or were not playing a different team in that game… By extension then the team that lost should get an even bigger beat down vs the same team they claim would easily handle the riders.