Riders lost

must be all those injuries.

Thanks for coming out.

heh heh

doncha just love it.

I knew if I set myself up, fate would not pass up the chance to make me look a fool. Its well worth it :rockin:

I take one for the team, and they not even my number one team :cowboy:

...Dewey wins...

over my head??

Heh, FYB you had to know the premature prediction was not a good call :slight_smile:

Im demoting you to ball boy.

...1958 US presidential race, midwestern newspaper headline the night of the election, milwaukee, chicago, i dunno?...Eisenhower was pres the next day....

I was so hoping.
Gladly take the demotion, only, was the heck was I before???

I would please like FYB to make early predictions for Rider losses for every remaining game.....

ahh, yes, now I get it. :thup:

I will try, except against BC and Toronto. :thup: :smiley:

I'll take it.

Its kind of like prediciting that Britney's new song is going to be a #1 hit, and stay there for 12 weeks... :wink:

just keep in mind that these things must be situational and limited. Fate doesnt like to be obvious. In this situation, it is actually possible where people would beleive my post had nothing to do with the riders win, however, if they losing 44-10 with 5 minutes to go, and then I post such and they somehow score 35 points, well, fate just not gonna do that, sigh

Well actually it was the 1948 election and Truman was re-elected, but I really liked your usage in the original post!

Way to clever for some...but yes, 1948.
Go Dewey....

.... :oops: ....my bad, '48 and Truman....thanks guys....