Riders losing to Edmonton...

Well dont you just look like a genius... :roll:

I want BIG changes in Edmonton... :roll:

And did I just hear correctly... DJ Flick was named the Gladiator? Um, WHY?!

I guess Peterson's 125 yards and TD mean nothing? What about the 400 yards and 3 TD's for LeFors?

Tell me I heard incorrectly... :expressionless:

You didn’t, and I think it was a lame pick, too…

Ugh... Time to crack open a Heineken.

...way ahead of you, Chief.

Well, congrats to the Riders for pulling it out in the end...however, I do agree with Climie that the holding call on the field goal should not have been called.

...I'm perfectly fine with the status quo...

I'm seeing a pattern here...

Last time the Riders won in Commonwealth... 2004 playoffs, a bad 3rd down gamble led to the points that made the difference in that game. Higgins fired a week later.

2007, Riders win in commonwealth for first time since said 2004 game, a bad fake field goal proves the difference, Eskimos eliminated. Maccocia fired?

You read it here first!

how would you like that crow? raw, baked, BBQ? please, tell me.
Sometimes, not saying something is the best way to go. at least until the game is over. ooops!
Backups win the day. valuable experience, plus the sweet, sweet feeling of eliminating the Eskimos.

Prolli cuz you guys lost... (Not trying to sound like an ass...)

Yeah, who would have thought that the EE could blow two 14 point leads in the same game? They have risen to new heights of incompetence.

However, I am glad that they lost, I hate the crossover, and am glad that they're out two years running...and the Leos have first locked up 4 years running. Let's hope the Leos don't screw that up like they did in 04 and 05.

I wouldnt doubt it...



12 starters injured. Geez, I hope most will be back next week cause we need to score alot to support our D. Another big passing game against. Mind you, Palmer and Washington sure played great.

For how badly the Lions' fans were ripped on for using injuries as an excuse for losing, or being overly proud of overcoming them to win, I hardly think that's something we should be bringing up now...

In all honesty we did not deserve to win this game, Crandell looked for the most part brutal, one hopping a lot of passes, receivers looked lost, and the defense sucked, save for the turnovers.

Yup and on 620 CKRM radio he just said it again...and backed it the %^# up.


God, I hope you're right. Him and Champlaine both need to go!

Doesn't matter... how is 57 yards better than 125 and a TD? Stupid, stupid pick!

Im not saying it wasnt a bad pick, because it was brutal…

But Im pretty sure thats why an Eskimo didnt get it.