Riders losing to Edmonton...

So, where are the vaunted Riders tonight? Not in Edmonton it appears...not with the score 27 - 14 in Edmonton's favour.


Something tells me they aren't much concerned, what with not having a must-win game this late in the season for once...

That and other then trolling what else do most Lions posters have to do? One could have just as easily posted “Lions in a Slide” thread becauase even with Dickenson in the game they only slightly beat Hamilton where other teams have pounded them!

Or an actual fan would understand that both teams rested starters and are giving the benchwarmers lots of play time.

Answer to what Lions posters do . Well Im listening/ watching the game and cleaning my fridge. I recommend to do this at least every 5 years. lol

Well then, I guess it's nice not to have to give your fans a real game. What's the point of playing if you're not playing to win? Didn't Austin say they would always play to win?

Play to win, yes...I highly doubt the team played to lose, really...but when the playoff spot is entirely determined, and there's nowhere to slide or improve, I think it's better to rest those players who may need it.

...and your definition of trolling would be what? Anybody saying anything negative about the Riders?


Bah...it's on the main forum...say what you want...

Thank you, jm02

not worth it



You approved him calling me a hypocrite - what did you expect? Really?

Would you please show me where I specified I was speaking only to you?

no matter I’m out.

good game melonheads

…well, not until the fourth quarter…lol

Jesus... is Nythril an Eskimos fan? :lol:

Bah. Whatever. Edmonton could have very easily won this game but only Edmonton can blow a double-digit lead... twice... in the same game! :roll:

Exciting ending!

Bad Call on the hold. Cheesey

Pressure Edmonton! Pressure!