Riders losing Fantuz "Overblown"

ya I get it, Andy was in 2010 the Outstanding Canadian.

then in 2011 he goes off to the Bears, fails to make the team comes back and plays a grand total of 2 games.. and gets hurt.

the Riders really didn't change much with him in the lineup from when they started the season..

big deal. :roll:

Now all of a sudden we lose him and it's a huge deal?

truly a lot of the people here and some of the media out there in the Newspaper world don't get how football really works.

ANY coach that is in football realizes that if you want to have a team that will truly challenge to be #1 you need to have certain strengths on your team.

#1 - QB
#2 - OL
#3 - RB
#4 - K
#5 - WR

first and foremost the Quarterback is the key to the team. if you do not have a good starting QB, you're done.

then you need to protect this Star Quarterback and your Running back.

if you have an aging or underachieving Offensive Line you will not get very far.. because it's likely that your QB could get hurt.. and most definitely will not get a lot of time in the pocket to throw the ball causing a lot of sacks, turnovers and lack of scoring.

AND your Running back will have a hell of a time finding the lanes or Holes to run in and get those yards you need.

THEN you need the Running back.

pretty simple here.. if you have a really good running back, it takes the pressure off the QB and passing.

then you have the Kicker.

you need to have a kicker that you can rely on to get those 3 points from anywhere on the field, it helps you build up your lead or keep your team close when the offense is struggling a bit.

then finally the receivers.

why are they #5?

because there are SO MANY receivers out there that you can find one on the corner of the street (well not really but you get the drift) Fantuz may be a Canadian yes and he filled a spot on the Starting list of Canadians.. but in reality, you can find another receiver.. even if he's American and you'll be fine!

the two positions in Football on offense where there are the most options to choose are the Running back and the Receiver.

Fantuz may have been good for this team but he's not the be all end all of this franchise! and we will recover pretty fast and we won't miss a beat!

Let's realize that we improved in the area we needed it MOST! on the Offensive Line. :thup: :thup:

I think it's a big deal more because this puts a team from southern Ontario in a better position to be in the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto, something a lot of people want as they see this, rightly or wrongly, as a better way to promote the 100th GC and CFL in southern Ontario.

But I get where you're coming from cflisthebest with this.

Where is it being overblown?? I haven't seen anyone say that the Riders are huge losers because they lost Andy. I think you are overblowing it by disputing that it is overblown.

Just a wild guess, but I'm betting your opinion of Fantuz would be substantially different if he had re-signed in Saskatchewan. #ridermyopia

because the media says we apparently won the Free Agency battle.. but mention Fantuz as if it's a huge blow to the team.

nothing would have changed. I'd just be happy that he would have stayed in Regina.

doesn't mean my opinion on this would have changed at all.

Actually, I agree with cflisthebest on this one.

…I dont’ disagree either, but it is interesting that with AF as an active player and threat the riders make the playoffs 5 of the last 6 years, the season he stumbles so does the team…just saying…

ya but They were already struggling before Fantuz came back.. and they won both Winnipeg games without Fantuz.

so i'm pretty sure that he was pretty irrelevant.

I agree with CFL. I loved Andy and the province did as well. He did help us win a GC (caught the winning pass) and helped us get to the cup a number of times. Without quality SBs, recievers and/or RB, he is so easy to cover as we have seen in the past. Great hands, no speed. And the money he is getting, we signed two excellent OLs. We needed that. Protect DD will help us so much.

What do you mean by that? Labatte will be making as much or more than Fantuz this season.

K / P

These ^^ positions require certain skill sets. Other than QB, secondary is the toughest skill set to find. However, a top DL pass rush can mask a decent secondary, sometimes quite well. But the point being that these skill sets are HARD TO FIND. Especially so in secondary, that DBs usually take a couple years of real game playing to develop - it's that hard.

DLs are thoroughbreds. You have to be big, strong AND fast. If you are fast, you might make a good WR. If you are big and strong, you might make a good OL, but to be a DL you also have to have a quickness, especially at end. To be big, strong and fast is to be one hell of an athlete. That is difficult to find. If you are strong and fast, but only 220 lbs, you're an LB.


^^ These positions are much more instinctively played, simple athleticism in most cases will do. This makes them much easier to fill.

RB - Jon Cornish said it best last year after he ran over the Riders. "just put the ball in my hands and I run." I'm not saying that it's an 'easy' job, but ballcarrying is 'simple' if you know what I mean. LOTS of guys can run with the ball. What you want is a 3 skill dude, run, catch and block. coaches and GMs in the past 5 years or so are starting to get this. Especially with the popularity of the ace set offense. There are also tons of talented RBs out of work, more than any other position. Largely because again, the ace set offense, you only need 1 on the field most of the time as opposed to receivers, you need 4 or 5 so you are always looking for depth.

LB - Is THE MOST instinctive position on the field. Again, not any less important, but it is simple (compared to other positions). See the ball, hit the ball. If you have capable scouts who bring you instinctive athletic talent, linebacker takes care of itself. You should probably never have to spend big money for LBs. Save that for QBs and rush ends and shutdown halfbacks (or an elite receiver or elite OL). Some kid with a motor will come out of nowhere to cruise the middle and lay hat while your front 4 and secondary take care of biz'ness, never fails.

I do agree that losing Fantuz is not the end of the world for the Riders. It's a loss because he is that good, but if you're going to be making the rumored 200ish k, your name better be Milt or Geroy.

But Matt Carter I hear just signed with the Esks. That means 1 of 2 things ...

1 - Taman wasn't that interested in filling the NI receiver hole with a great underrated kid at half of Fantuz' price.

2 - Carter would rather play for a team with a chance of winning something even if the Esks have the 8th best starting QB in the league throwing to him. THAT says something.

Remember, Koch's gone too. Koch and Fantuz BOTH gone- THAT's what stings.

that's nice but I was only talking about offense.

LOL, whatever.