Riders lose

One thing - pretty obvious pass interference on the 3rd and 10 play. If a DB reaching around from behind is not pass interference, what is?
That is all.
Riders either run the table at home or run their coaches out of town.
Enjoy the Canada Games.

Do believe it was a good game myself except yes for the turnovers. Still think the QB's and the WR's aren't on the same page. Too many balls being thrown over or behind receivers. If we could stop the interceptions or atleast limit them down to 1 per game we could easily have won 2 outta 4 of the last games. Anyways, lets look forward to next week, Greene will be whining he got pulled, but whatever, quit throwing up the ball and fumbling as well.

I see Chewy you like bringing excuses to this site too.
It was a good game better then the the few that they have lost. But to blame refs is just like I said excuses for a losing cause. A shake up is in order to turn these guys around.

once again you hang on my every word.
Did I once say that was the difference in the game?
I was merely pointing out what, on replay, was a fairly clear pass interference.
Does anyone want to disagree with that?
Did I not mention the TURNOVERS?

That is much better chewy!

Now Greene is injured with a shoulder and neck injury and might not be able to start against BC. At this point after losing Greene I'd say the season is as good as over for us this year. Oh well it was fun off the start while our team lasted.

The injury is to his ego I think but could be good for the Riders!

Is there not somebody out there in Rider land that will admit that you got beat by the better team. The Gades took the season series and it's a tough pill to swallow...

Don't troll please.

You can call that trolling if you wish, but personally I think you should either step up and offer an alternative opinion or let the poster put their opinon out there for others to debate. You seem to have a real issue with anyone that wants to do that. MM was merely asking where all the Rider supporters were.

I can tell you MM. They are hiding in the Rider forum.


the Gades were playing for first in the east !
the Riders wre playing for a win !
the beter team won plain and simple