Riders lose another player to unexpected retirement

Riders lose another player to unexpected retirement

[i]Roughriders American offensive tackle Bruce Campbell has retired from football, filing papers with the CFL.

The 27-year-old blocker started 15 regular season games for Toronto in 2015. After a successful first year in the CFL, Saskatchewan made a deal for Campbell on February 10. The Riders sent a fourth-round pick, 27th overall in the 2016 CFL Draft and a negotiation list player to the Argos for the import lineman. Campbell’s unexpected decision leaves Saskatchewan without a projected starting left tackle.[/i]

[url=http://3downnation.com/2016/05/03/riders-american-offensive-tackle-retires/]http://3downnation.com/2016/05/03/rider ... e-retires/[/url]

At least Taman got players from trading draft picks :lol:


Jamie Nye
#Riders have given up 4th and 6th round picks and a neg list player for two players who have decided to retire (Price and now Campbell)

And if that wasn’t enough Jones is trying to peddle his #1 pick. This is starting to look like the Mike Kelly/John Murphy show a little more each day.

I thought they swapped sixes and Sask gave up a 7th.

.....I think whoever can come up with pics they're prepared to part with (going to be a stretch) could pick-up the no 1 easily....Sask. is desperate and their past dealings are coming back to haunt...Jones is going to have a tough time convincing any team to bite, as on top of everything else, top talent has headed south for a look....Suddenly Jones the 'top rated' coach, ain't looking too good as a gm.... :roll:

Why give up picks in a draft where the top 20 is a toss up ? Keep in mind that the #1 pick's agent is going to try and pick your pockets... Not worth it.

I think the Riders just lost another one, Tearrius George just retired , tweets have it he is in hot water with the Law, so decided to retire or maybe was advised to retire .

Yep, it's official here: http://www.riderville.com/2016/05/03/te ... ughriders/

This number of retirements before training camp is kind of bizarre.

Lots of offensive players retiring. Do they all hate McAdoo and/or J. Jackson?

Looks like George's passport has been revoked

Not so smart cutting players left, right and center months before camp hey.

Idunno how desperate they would be...the NI depth is way improved and they already safely have their 7 ratio spots plus better depth to support that than last year by a mile.

Domestic violence...he was getting a suspension at minimum

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/2015/08/06/cfl-announces-violence-against-women-policy/]http://www.cfl.ca/2015/08/06/cfl-announ ... en-policy/[/url]

As far as sudden retirements....I would suspect this is going to be more common...we see NFL players walking away from much more lucrative contracts. An Import in the CFL making 70k a year that is now 56k to him because the dollar is down 20% from when he signed...suddenly another opportunity comes up or he just doesn't want the wear on the body or a personal situation....makes it a lot easier to say no. Then a guy like Campbell...he has done his NFL bounce...he is unlikely getting another shot because he would be vetted as soon as he signs...add it all up and tough decisions start becoming easier.

Was just looking at the draft order.

SSK has the 1st pick overall and does not have another pick until #24 in the late 3rd round
They pick, 1, 24,26,35,36,62
They only have 6 picks in the 8 rounds with most coming in the late rounds.
Giving up picks for players that unexpectedly retire has hurt the future NAT depth of the Riders.
I see now why they are looking to move the #1 overall for more picks or some NAT depth

I don't think they have that many. I've heard four.

no, that they have 7...6 + the new 8th round introduced. They were down to 4 at one point I believe. They picked up one in the Glenn trade for example

I stand corrected, I missed #52 they do have 7 of the 8 picks, but most are very late

They pick, 1, 24, 26 ,35, 36, 52 ,62

8 (52)
Roughriders acquired draft pick alongside WR Maurice Price from Redblacks in exchange for 2016 sixth round draft pick (45th overall) and 2016 seventh round draft pick (54th overall)

here is the draft order


Grover is correct, Riders do have seven selections.

That's true they got a conditional pick plus the league added an extra round.

Great news! Now he can make some more of those Evil Dead movies :thup: :rockin: