Riders lose 5 in a row to finish the year

Say no more!

Whats with this? Thats see how they do with the Lions.

Well It's good to see there's no pointless topics on here...... :roll:

Riders are still contenders to win it all.

Lost 3 in a row so far, the 4th will be to B.C. 5th to Montreal. Then next year country

Realistically,. you might be right about Saskatchewan possibly losing another 5 consecutive games to end this season. Looking ahead, that is the most likely scenario(nightmare). Saskatchewan winning the grey cup would be a miracle. Of course, there are deluded fans who believe otherwise.

miracle no, unlikely hell yes. Riders were very close to beating Mtl in a game where it was basically the last team to hold the ball won (even though the riders had the ball at the end but it was for only 30 seconds or something), and They beat Toronto pretty well, not letting Toronto score an offensive TD, We have also beat Edmonton, and BC. The only teams we haven't beat are Montreal and Calgary. To some it up, Miracle? no. very very unlikely? yes

Every game is a mystery....which team will show up? the one that beat the top teams in the league or the one the continues to self destruct like in the Calgary game.. the way they are playing lately its unlikely we will advance past Montreal.... Will it take a miracle? NO... But I will not be a Gypsy and predict a Grey Cup Either... this team is just to inconsistent and streaky.