Riders looking for spark in matchup with Stamps

REGINA — As the Saskatchewan Roughriders host the Calgary Stampeders for their final home game of the regular season, the Riders will need a win in order to keep their playoff hopes alive.

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The better title would be
riders brass give up, concede the season and are collectively waiting for the bombs to explode taking out jobs and to see who survives


You should send in a resume. Your posts also have proper grammar to boot!:smiley::+1:t2:

Sometimes the truth hurts. This is a team is the throws of death and it ain't gonna be pretty. Every die hard rider fan should be able to see it and not get all pissy from the truth be spoken.

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...not what I heard when I picked the Riders to finish fourth pre-season. I saw a QB that was to arrogant to listen and had this fantasy of throwing glorious bombs to win the game and being carried off as the hero.

Reality didn't sink in until they told him they didn't need him at practice.....

That and they don't need a spark - might set the whole thing on fire.....

Yes but 98 percent of your prediction was based on the fact you hate the riders... A serviceable o line would have placed your prediction into the trash heap. Would be interested to know where you placed the bombers, your team last year and where you placed the riders last year too... And the year before too, For those same teams. Just because the riders totally fell apart this year does not make you prediction guru. It makes you lucky :slightly_smiling_face:

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The organization is burning to the ground & they're looking for a spark. Benching your main man is a big gamble. It might provide a boost in some cases but it's always a sign the wheels have fallen off the team you spent time building. Too little, too late, I think.


Several players were in the last 4 games on both sides of the ball were already mailing it in. This ain't gonna help

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Any player who had loyalty to Cody is going to be exploring their options for next year. I once left a job because a new owner fired the man that hired me. This will have destroyed the team spirit in the room.

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Not hate, just not my favourite team. The prediction was based on reality, which was strong defence, inconsistent offence, and the loss of Mcadoo as a coach. Plus the problems with discipline that started last year.

Calgary is perpetually top three, Winnipeg was slated to be as good as last season, and Saskatchewan's 2nd place finish last season was because of weak performances by the Elks and BC along with a slow start by Calgary. When they nearly got beat in the semi-final and then went out to get big name defensive players for an already strong defence in the off season instead of fixing their offence, the writing was on the wall....