Riders looking average tonight

well… Even before Crandell got hurt (shocker…) we were struggling.

The defense can’t stop the run, the DB’s are not making the stops. The offense can’t move the ball…

We’re looking very average… and I’m starting to wonder how we’ll be against the good teams now.

This is not acceptable.


We're one point down. Patience, my friends. But thank the lord for defence ...

We definitly are not looking good this week, but we are still in it. QBs got to get something going.

If by QBs, you mean QB, I agree.

is it just me or when these two teams match-up IN BC PLACE the reffing goes down the sh!tter. the refs have missed MULTIPLE calls.. I cheered loudest when the ref went down. It looked like he got kicked in the jangles. =)

Missed calls: (that i still remember)
-Contacting the kicker on jamie boreham in the 2nd (automatic first down)
-the goaline stand (in the 2nd) where they called mike mcallugh for his FACEMASK being offside. his facemask is HUGE! look at it. he was not lined up offside if you look at the replay.
-the kickoff that just occured (from the safety late in the 3rd) the call was interferance on sask. the only interferance im aware of on a kickoff is on a short kick / onside attempt.

these are only 3 calls that i can remember. They've missed calls that have gone the other way aswell. The officiating in BC is B.C. BULL CRAP....

DJ looked like his knee, not his ankle as the girl commentator had said... hopefully hes not lost all season.

and thank-god for dominguez back in the lineup.

Don't think its the knee if you saw the replay its either tib/fib facture or the the ankle or both. Didn't look like a knee thing.

Nice pick, nice effort by Cates. We have hope.

well they managed to turn it on when they had to.. good job Riders!

Sadly, Crandell seemed more at home after injury with clipboard in hand, tell me this ain't so

First, MacCullough wasn't offside, but Kitwana Jones was--very clearly.... The refs called the wrong number, but made the correct call.

The defence was terrific tonight, though JJ and his receivers helped our cause. Durant looked pretty good for his first effort, and I'm fairly happy with him. Jyles needs to get a grip...all in all, winning ugly is what good teams do. That was ugly, we won, therefore....

Exactly. He lined up offside, just by a bit, but it was offside.

Is this acceptable? Being undefeated. Beating 2 teams in the west. Having a better record than 6 teams. Being 2 games ahead of Lions. Being 1 game ahead of Edmonton. And Calgary.

I thought a lot of things looked very good tonight. The defense did a great job, Durant made some good plays when it mattered, Cates had another great game. I didn't even think Jyles did too badly- he just needs time to settle in. And how about Luca Congi? You can't beat 4/4.
It wasn't the prettiest win in the world but a win is a win and I personally love beating the Lions more than any other team. Let's not fall back into the old negativity pattern.

They have only played TWO regular season games! If this still persists by game 8 or 9, then be concerned. It takes time for the team to jell!

Ironic that we ARE the good team RIGHT NOW!

Once again the riders played well on two of the three aspects of the game. Defense and Special Teams were great. Offense was terrible, this time right from the beginning of the game.