Riders look good against Argo's

Well get ready this is a kodak momment but I am now saying the Riders do look good. Any doubts about Greene in mind are gone he is looking good and the Riders look like a complete team for nowPoof dream gone Riders Suck!

No they look good! Even if they lost that is not a problem they did well against a good opponent.

Yeah they looked great. No complaints about anything on Offence and Deffence.

But they have to STOP the crappy penalties so late in the game. That’s 2 games, remember how they almost lost in Hamiliton thanks to 4 major penalties on that last drive?

And it’d be nice if #4 could make some field goals. 2 this game, that’s 6 points. Last week, 3 Fgs, absolutely brutal. I backed him after the miss in the playoffs, but he needs to get back into the game or the Riders need someone who can kick a 25 yard field goal. Sorry Paul, I know it’s a slump, but you’re costing the team points, and wins. The blame is definitely not all on him, but every point counts in this league

Idon’t think it was penalties they seemed to slack off

cough… choke choke… cough…

Paul McCallum’s missed field goals would have given the riders the win.

How is Nealon at kicking field goals?

I hear alot on the Riders’ fan forum are flipping about McCallum. Maybe he deserves it(I only caught the fourth quarter, so I didnt see any of the misses). But isn’t anyone going to look at David Benefield’s STUPID roughing the passer call on Damon Allen with under four minutes to go? The score was 26-14 Riders, and Allen had just missed a pass, which would’ve made it 3rd and 14, effectively ending the drive. But instead of punting, the call made it first down for Toronto. The Argos would end the drive with a TD, which set the stage for another TD. Benefield’s an idiot.

…Sask looked pretty solid…Allen is that good though…still, a good game with both teams showing their talent well…

Ya I looked over at riderfans.com and it is a lynch mob over there. If I were Paul I would get my guard dogs out. The benefield roughing was very stupid shelfish and really if you want to blame anyone that would be it. I mean the Riders were winning still with out the missed field goals. It is not Pauls fault that David left his brain in the locker. It was not Pauls fault on the fumbel. I mean ya the guy is having his problems and can they continue with this No! But the guy must be having a problem with the placement. Maybe time to get someone ellse to hold for him.

yah great game! can you believe that faked kick! i didn’t see that one coming at all!!! but man i really wish McCallum would get it together. Maybe his kicks, had they been good, won the game for the riders but I think the riders definietly slacked off in the last quarter…hopefully we’ll get em next time!

Man, I haven’t been able to catch any rider games because of work but from what i read, it must of been a good game. It also sounds like the same thing happened in toronto as in Montreal yesterday. Those missed field goals… they kill you but oh well. My wish was granted after the eskies lost. It’s now a 3 way tie for first in the west. I love the CFL haha. Go Eskies

OK I want anyone who cares about inconsitant refs in the CFL.
Look at these 4 plays. Two roughing the passer calls against Hamilton McManus. One against Damon Allan and when you have looked at those 3 look at the 1st touchdown throw to Travis Moore. Watch Nealon get creamed without the ball and way harder then the two old guys got hit.

I think our refs are so old they stick up for Allan and Mac old boys club every where. I call it inconsistant as HELL>

I agree about the reffing (in)consistency. But improving the reffing isn’t going to be an instant solution (and no, instant replay is not the solution either). The new guidelines will take some time to even out, and refs will get a better hold on what is or isn’t roughing the passer under the tighter guidlines. Not a big fan of the no tolerance, and it’s even worse when it’s applied to some plays, and not applied to similar plays.

They’ve got a tough job out there, and hopefully the quality improves. The best football in Canada needs the best reffing in Canada.

Paul McCallum ? Tommy Salo ? :?:

Hey ref can you say uncatchable ball?

Hey ref can you say uncatchable ball?

I would like to agree with you on the ref’s but again all teams get poor calls. The fact of the matter here is they lost because of stupid penalties that were legit. Yes, the kicking of the field goals may have made a difference but I think the Benefield penatly was the key to the game IMO. But over all big deal it is a loss. The team played well for me to say that here in the Rider forum it chokes me up but I can not deny they played well.

Hmm I think differently from both of you, i think the call on Morgan was a good call because, you have to let the receiver run his path, whether it is catchable or not catchable. I also thought that the call on benefield was bogus, but i guess thats just my suggestion :lol:

Now that I have seen that on a replay I think you are right on the Benefield call. It looks like that was to close to call that roughing the passer. But I guess it is not easy being a ref making split second decisions. Yes no argument on the Morgan call. I do apologize to Mr. Benefield after seeing for the second time. The fact that I was impressed should be a shock even for myself.

not sure if you guys know this but they put in a new rule this year which basially iliminates the ubcatchable ball rule, now regardless if the ball is catchable the defender can still get a penalty. I didn’t see the play but thats why he got called i am assuming.
I think they shouldn’t have changed the rule, but hey I am a former DB so I am used to it, they just are trying to bring us down. haha

I was at that game and i agree they played well especially my man cory holmes but paul needs to work on punting the ball from everywhere not just right in front of the field goals i saw him practice that is all he did b4 the game