Riders look beatable

Riders score a lot of points but they are also giving up a lot of points. Darien Durant is wildly inconstant and with the renewed rush the Ticats should give him some trouble. Defensively the Riders present an opportunity for the Cats to have success with their running game should the coaching staff choose to run a balanced offense as opposed to the pass happy 8 yard nonsense we've been subjected to most of the season

Ticats 33 Riders 30

I definitely feel that the Riders are beatable and I'm hoping that the Cat's, at least start out with some kind
of running attack if only to see what DeAndra Cobb can do against a run defense that is superior to BC's.

If it is failing, however, I would go almost exclusively to our passing game.

I don't believe the nonsense I hear about a running back requiring about 15 carries to get untracked.
By the time the running back reaches that stage, the game could be a total loss.

I look for our"O" line and DeAndra Cobb to be working in concert from the opening kickoff.

Thats the line of thinking that got the Cats thumped vs Montreal. You have to find a way to run the ball and you cannot abandon it against good teams

Our Defence doesn't give up that many points at home, especially with Baggs and Smith in there.

Ticats: 27
Riders: 13

O yes you can, and you should! What’s the point of beating a dead horse? You go with the part of your game that is

actually working. If the run game isn’t working, abandon it (perhaps not totally) for the pass.

There was only one line of thinking that got the Cats thumped by Montreal. Its called facing a superior team

and recognizing your own inadequacies against that team; wehether it be on offense, defense or special teams.

Should you? Isn't it the common wisdom that as the season wears on and the temperatures drop, the passing game is not as effective and having a good running game is essential if we want to win games? Not to mention the fact that part of what wins football games is keeping the opponents guessing, not being too predictable. If we're relying too heavily on the passing game, we're more predictable, making it easier for the opponents to guess correctly?

And if those are our inadequacies, shouldn't we (well, the coaches) be trying to fix those inadequacies instead?

I agree Picat, too many times our horses have been left in the stable to die in the fire

Doesn't someone post this before every game this season??? The Als look beatable, the Riders look beatable, the Stamps look beatable. Every team "looks" beatable..............lol
But seriously, I think that if we can score more points than the Riders we will definately beat them.

Correct, thus the title. Its a regular game prediction thread titled in the traditional format :smiley:

You're quite right! We should try to maintain and even enhance our running game at this time of the season. You can
only do that however, based on what kind of personnel you are working with. If your personnel isn't up to the task, you
have to go with the part of your game that is.

I am a former running back and I know where you're coming from; believe me.

Balanced offenses win championships! Lets hope Hamilton has one! :thup:

Then you probably know where I'm coming from far better than I do! I've mostly just played catch with a football. I broke my finger doing that a few years back, and haven't caught a ball since (I nearly collapse if a tossed ball heads my direction. It's rather pathetic.).

Riders are missing three starters on their defence: A DT, a DE, and a linebacker. One player they'll rely on is former Ticat Montez Murphy.

[url=http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/football/roughriders-football/RIDER+NOTEBOOK+Miller+adds+starters+roster/3570820/story.html]http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/footba ... story.html[/url]

So it is quite possible we could see Cobb pick where he left off last week and get us some big gains again. It would be good to get some long drives and to get some rushing yards, and to see how good this offence can be. AB3 had over 250 rec. yards the last time these teams played, it would be great if he could at least come close to getting that many.

So yes, the Riders do look beatable.

When the Riders have the ball, I look forward to seeing McIntyre back on the D and to see Baggs join it. But hopefully the D will do a better job containing the QB than they did when Printers was at QB. But to force turnovers would be great. I liked the quote from Tisdale in this article: http://ticats.ca/article/smith-makes-ti ... tiger-cats

“I told Stevie that I’m going to want to see some floaters coming my way tomorrow,? said Tisdale.
The Riders may have a 7-5 record. But their record is 1-4 when they are not playing at Taylor Field. Maybe there is some truth to what was claimed in this video: http://ticats.ca/video/index/id/14327

Ticats - 34
Riders - 27

Conversely though, we also look beatable, our DBs seem to be our weak spot, especially in our zone defense, and the Riders has one of the best receiver cores as well with Andy Fantuz, Chris Getslaf and Rob Bagg.

That being said, our D-Line continues to improve and bring pressure and we probably have the best linebackers in the league.

Honestly I think this comes down to if our offense can get the job done, same as the Montreal game when they didn't, because I'm not that impressed by Sask's defense.

Ti-Cats - 27
Sask - 24

Cobb had 2 carries the entire first half vs Montreal. Montreal's D-Line was getting pressure on Glenn all day long. Those two things are related.

When a Dline knows you are passing on every down and doesn't have to worry about the run game, it becomes much, much easier for them to rush the QB.

Rider 28 Ticats 18

I just don't see us beating them

31 Cats
9 Riders

8) You're such a pessimist Tom. :wink:
 I say, Cats 24.....Riders 17.      <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->

Our Secondary is beat up That worries me
The lack of Running game being there worries me

Yes I am Pessimist and Full Admit to it

Our Secondary is beat up? IMO the guys we have back there right now are the best we have had all season.

Heyward is better than Jykine at corner.
Tisdale is better than Shivers at halfback.
Bo Smith is as good as Tisdale was at corner.
And Jerome Dennis has been maybe our most consistent DB all season.