Riders Look Beatable


  • they got exposed last week
  • still in shock over the 13 man penalty last GC
  • players lost all respect for coaches in Norwegian Curling Team pants
  • Fantuz needs a haircut (then again, so does Drew Edwards)
:lol: nice

I think they're beatable no doubt.Our defense is becoming beastly and with James gone, Rottier sliding to guard and Johnson starting at RT and a long week of practice, I expect a win.

So true!!

Definitely need to get that run game going tomorrow, and get thiggy some touches in that dual-set backfield!

Drew dose need a Hair cut :smiley: (Just kidding Drew)

The Riders will be a Test for us
we can win but have to pull a Full game with very Little Errors
Say your Prayers to football Gods.
Oski wee wee

EVERYONE is Beatable on Any Givin Day!

:rockin: :rockin:

this is the cfl, this is the most competetive league out there, so really if you are watching a cfl football game, expect the unexpected, we can play with and most definetly beat any team in this league, and the riders are no exception

last week the stampeders proved that the riders are not super human afterall, but we should expect a very sharp rider team to come out of the gates cause you know they had a hard week of practices

of course they look beatable...the cats just hav to bring there A game!


If the kicker dosen't miss half his field goals.
If the punter dosen't get blocked one or two times.
If the OL line is allowed to tee off the DL once in a while.
If King AB3 shows up.
If the coach dosen't have another one yard line coniption.
If Gibson has a epiphany.
If the Riders forget the way to work.
If the refs are bought off.
Yeah! We should be fine.

Beating the Riders at home? Gonna take 60 minutes of virtually error-free football. Not sure if it's possible with the team we have & in that environment.

I'd say their A+ game, but yes any team can win or lose on any given day or else why play the game. I'm looking forward to seeing Dylan Barker in.

Difficult to beat Sask in their house at the best of times, but when they're coming off a blowout loss to archrival Calgary? They'll be in a foul mood and looking to atone.

I'm calling it right here. Cats 30 Ruffies 29. Now where did I put that glue bag....