Riders logo

I really liked the 94-96 Riders logo; that "Sargent Preston" with the pitchfork...

And Scarlet, Old Gold and Black for team colors...

Then again you could have the Riders name with the Renegades "running crook" logo...

I didn't mind it on the black helmet the last two years but trying to force the colour change on people was a big mistake.


in my humble opinion the best rough riders logo was the flaming double r's despite the fact the gleber goofs ran them into the ground

It was decent enough...when they actually had it pointing the right way, unlike here. :wink:

[url=http://capitalregionfootball.info/board/displayimage.php?album=3&pos=4]http://capitalregionfootball.info/board ... um=3&pos=4[/url]

Seriously, how unprofessional is that? :roll:

Edit: Speaking of silly mistakes, I've corrected the above link.

Pointing the wrong way, what do you mean? I think I missed something

There's something wrong with my photo gallery and it keeps changing the picture that I'm trying to show you guys.

Go to...


Under the Rough Riders heading, look for "The Team" (it'll be one of the first link at th etop left).

Within that, look for a picture of Terry Baker. It may be on the second page.

There was a botch with some of the jerseys and helmets. The logo was backwards on them. Look closely at Baker's helmet.

Ohh, yes. I see it. Ya the flames are going the wrong way on the helmet eh? Looks awkward. I find the flames too busy, and was never a fan of the captain crunch logo either.

The single 'R' is an amazing logo.

i'd actually prefer to see a big "O" on it,that way it represents Ottawa,i think that the Sens "O" logo would be better

The big white "R" is the best. Although I didn't mind the red helmets from 1962 $ 1963 with the horse and rider. I liked the Renegades logo, because it was somewhat connected to the Riders past logo. By the way, CFRadmin, your blog is absolutely fantastic. I have collected Riders stuff & photos too.

Did you just screw me out of a 1984 media guide on e-bay then? :wink: I was fighting tooth and nail with someone over a bunch of media guides from between 1977 and 1984 and lost out on that one.

LOL. No, it wasn't me.

I loved that logo. I can see how it's not very traditional. But I thought it looked great at the time (and I still do). I see what you mean, CRF, about the flames going the wrong way on Terry Baker's helmet ... but to me that looks pretty intentional, and I don't see a huge issue with it (flames flow backwards on both sides of the helmet). But if it was like that on some helmets but not others ... then there's a problem.

btw, those all-black uniforms look really good, especially with the big white R.