Riders/Lions preseason game thread

Big gainer from Bagg. Riders settle for 3.

The Lions helmets don't match the Jerseys too well.

Lookin' good on ole Espn3.

They painted Rod Black's face orange lmao

Those lions unis and helmets look OK on their own but together.... Yikes

I hope the Lions are wearing their away helmets with their home jerseys because its exhibition. It looks off.

Lulay's hair does when he has his helmet off. :wink:

Why aren't those Rider fans wearing the watermelon helmets? Preseason?

I think they got their home/away jerseys mixed up.


SaskPower and power outages go hand in hand, so no big surprise.

Are they planning to play the 2nd half, or will it just be cancelled? All I am getting is the ESPN3 technical difficulties screen.

Somebody in Regina had the hairdryer and the radio on at the same time. Bummer!

Oh well, I'll call it a BC win.

Power is back on
Players are on the field
Game is back on soon

This is a preview of the Battle for the Basement in the West.

The all knowing Area-51 has arrived, may as well just end the thread now.

Decent crowd for a preseason game, my guess would be around 22k. Too bad the power outage sent half of them home early.

Just calling it as I see it, Dusty.

You need Canadian talent to win in the CFL and the Riders are badly lacking in that regard.

Good to see Ed Gainey picking right up where he left off in 2015.

I think the West is wide open. I guess we'll have to see.