Riders @ Lions Oct 18

Well I’m sure everyone expects the Riders to dominate in this game, I certainly do. But I also gotta say it’s games like this one that can totally screw with things and come out of nowhere to beat your ass.
Dickenson is doing a good job of pushing the need to know, desperate teams can beat you, so ya gotta bring your A-game

Having said that I really want to see Powell used viciously this game as it seems to be the Riders aren’t using Powell as much as was thought, at least that’s my perception.
More Powell.

This is turning ugly quick, we are playing like crap!! to many stupid penalties. Play calling is suckin also!!

Bc is playing loose and having fun …; most dangerous teams to play are the ones with nothing to play for

If riders don’t pick it up they will not be winning tonight

Riders aren’t playing like they really take this game seriously.
They better wake up…Man

I’m not the only one who thinks Powell in not getting used like he should be.
Give him the Rock jeeeeez
Whats with MacAdoo!!!

Macadodo is no OC, he needs to go for next season, been saying this for 3 years now!!

So BC is playing their 3rd string QB and Riders are stilling playing Fajardo
Put Harker in and lets watch this diamond in the rough.
Don’t need Fajardo to go down in some fluke hit…

Yeah that second down run was scary. Let’s see if they get this third down stop. I suspect they play Harker if they do.

Well a win is a win But what an ugly win.

Yup. Also…really no film on the QB. Look how he faired in the second half after adjusting. A team with nothing to lose that has drastically improved by canning Chiu…who did a horrible job there…

I have a feeling that when this teams’ season comes to an end it is going to be because of a strategic coaching decision made earlier on in the game, that becomes a glaringly obvious mistake as the clock runs down.

Well, considering this is Cody’s and Craig’s 1st year in head positions, I see the future as nothing but bright, no matter what happens this year. I think both these men have more than exceeded my expectations for this season,anyways. But it would be great if they. Go all the way., good job, go riders.

There is no doubt this team has something special. In years past, we’ve laid eggs in games against weaker opponents like this. While they didn’t play their best, they won and I never believed for a second they were going to lose. Fajardo is a winner. They have, in my opinion, the best front seven and linebacking play has been top notch. They have a solid, young, talented offensive line. Future is bright for this team and wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them win it all.

I think Dickenson nailed it on the head in his Post Game interview when he stated
( and has been what I’ve said), if the Riders play the way they did in BC they will not win against the teams they will meet at the end of the season.
Nuff said!

If they have 6 sacks and 3 turnovers I don’t see them losing many games down the stretch. Wasn’t a great game on offense but the defense is coming in to form.