Riders Lions Game Thread

I think Cates would do much better if they let him run somewhere other than the A gap every stinkin time

Wow was that the Wendy's Kick for a million guy kicking for the Riders out there?

Is everyone at the game?

This is the telling drive.

The Riders tackling will make the difference. If they wrap up, good, if they arm tackle and go for the kill shot (and miss) ... bad

Wondering what our coaching staff will show today will we gamble or just go through the motions?

If we cant find somebody to do the placekicking, we are in trouble. The defense is also looking brutal yet again.

The Sun is shining in Vancouver. What more could they want.

I'm pulling for BC just to keep things interesting next weekend.

Ya me too. Besides EE will be going no where if they are in the playoffs.

Durant is looking good. He has stepped up and made the play when his first read wasnt there. Too bad they couldnt punch it in.

Early TDs have hurt the Riders this year. I think they need to start slow and work up. Thats how they won early in the season :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I thought BC might pull and Argos and fake the punt and score a TD

Lets go LIONS!!!!!!!!!

I just got home ... was at a bonspiel. The good news is that my team won the whole kit and kaboodle. The bad news is that I missed the whole first quarter. But now that I see the score, I'm wondering what's up? A good defensive battle or other ???

Some good D, some bad throws.

Mostly decent D.

Riders missed a FG (46 yds, short) early, then failed on a 1st and Goal at the 8, resulting in 3

DD is expanding the pocket well, and has hit Clermont for some nice gains.

Really vanilla run game for the Riders AGAIN. Cates up the middle, 2nd and long. Cates up the middle, 2nd and long, etc

I think the biggest surprise so far is that there is sun in Vancouver in late October. My experience is that the sun does not exist there between Oct and May.

2nd and 3, and the Riders receiver was in 1st down territory at the snap...no flag, though. we got a break

2010 Saskatchewan Roughriders remind me of the 2005 BC Lions...go figure.
INT....Ryan Phillips!! :smiley:

or not

Okay, thanks for the updates, hit-em.

When you say Cates up the middle for 2nd and long, is it the regular no holes by the o-line? I wonder if they know that the play willl be up the middle 'cause it rarely seems that way...