Riders-Lions game thread (Sept. 22)

Hi folks,

BC at Saskatchewan on CBC for first place in the West. It starts momentarily (7 p.m. ET).

Ought to be fun!

Oski Wee Wee,

7-0 Riders after a long drive.

8-0 with the kickoff single by Boreham.

Big pick by the Riders' Maurice Lloyd -- deep in BC territory.

Joseph to Mike Washington TD!

15-0 Riders, 4:07 left, first quarter

A huge 83-yard kickoff return by Ian Smart -- Lions ball deep in Sask, territory.

TD Lions -- Jarious Jackson to Corey Rogers.

Big penalty by Tad Kournegay kept the drive alive.

15-7 Saskatchewan.

I hate CBC.

That red zone they are putting up looks horrible and is very hard on my eyes.

HEY CBC, we all all know inside the 20 is the red zone. You don't have to turn the field red.

LOL I know.

15-7 Riders, end of the first quarter.

TD Riders -- Joseph to Fantuz, 29 yard pass.

22-7 Riders, 14:04 left, 2nd quarter.

Lee: "...just beyond his outreached hands"


I won't miss these guys next year.

Boreham punt blocked by Barron Miles. BC gets the ball at the Saskatchewan 27.

Back to the Red Sea redzone. LOL

What a bulldozer of a run by Joe Smith for a called TD – Austin challenging the ruling on the field…

Joe Smith TD stands…6 runs by Smith – what a drive!

22-14 Riders now.

McCallum concedes a safety -- 24-14 Riders.

3:00 warning, 1st half -- 24-14 Riders

Big fumble by Joseph -- Cameron Wake strips and recovers.

Jones with the sack and the fumble by Jackson -- recovered by the Riders.

Fight has ensued -- Schultz's HELMET chucked by Rasouli a la Gass after he ripped it off his head.

He punched Schultz and kneed him!

He must be suspended for this!

Rodgers was EJECTED..Rasouli WASN'T PENALIZED AT ALL!!!!


25-14 Riders at the half.