Riders Lions Game Day Thread

It's a battle of the bottom feeders in this one.

Riders really need this one - - if they can't manage to beat the feeble Lions at home they're likely looking at 1-8 or 2-7 by Labour Day.

How can it be a battle of bottom feeders without the Bombers playing?
Sadly, this is actually a battle for the final playoff position in the West. Heaven forbid, Reilly and Mitchell go down, and this game might get a team into yhe Grey Cup down the road…

Wow, how insightful! The first place team in the West vs. a team which took the Grey Cup champions into overtime last week. Some bottom-feeders. :? The Lions are the premier team in the league. Watch and learn.

I say there is a 50/50 that the Lions get their pants pulled down... I hope not, but. believe it could happen.
SCREW CHRIS JONES!!!! :rockin:

lol @ BC being the best team in the league. That would actually be Ottawa.

Can't say I like these new BC helmets. The "lion" looks more like the Knight in chess.

Two amazing plays wiped out by penalty. Smh...

Maybe it's time to return to the head gear. With no grill for a hand to get on that would be one penalty we would never see again.

Heads up play by Allen. BC TD!

Play should have been blown dead. Oh well. TD lions.

I like it. Unique. :thup:

I have to agree with you there. Not a fan of the new BC unis and I especially don't like the new logo which looks WAY too big IMO.

I dubbed this game the "creamsicles vs the melon heads" :smiley:

He was still on his feet - barely - but it was a good "heads up" play.

Riders seem to have their offense moving better now. Got to be a concern any time DD is slow to get up though. Penalty called on that - and rightly so. TD for your Riders.

Glad DD got up from the late hit ..... The replay looked really bad for his Knee the way it twisted him

I thought his forward motion was stopped. It could be my green glasses though.

TD Riders after a cheap shot from the BC lineman on Durant! That's more like it.

It's nice to have a Saturday night game.

Looks like a fumble to me!

Creamsicles. Perfect description. lol

Dirty play ends DD's day - only 15 yards .... disgusting

BC, WTH, man. Cut the damn penalties!

So many penalties. :thdn: