Riders lions game day talk

Looking like a good spot tonight for the Riders to get their first win of the season.

The following keys to the game will lead to a Rider win.

1- Put the game in the hands of the O line. All five O lineman are over 300 pounds. The Bc d lines heaviest player is 280, with one at 228 and one at 265. This is a physical mismatch. Mess am should have success

2- Attack the bc o line. They are missing two starters and lulay is not running like he used to. Lulay has certain weaknesses that can easily be exploited mainly accuracy throwing deep and reading defences. Keep him in the pocket and turn him into a pocket passer is the key.
Chick and hall should own their match ups.

3- Attack the bc secondary that is missing Ryan Phillips and has a rookie starting along with a secondary that is very young and filled with three new players. The returning two guys are second and third year players.

This is a good matchup for Saskatchewan.

Forgot to add just play smart and don’t turn the ball over. Kicking advantage is in riders favour with the reliable mac alum vs a lions rookie kicker.

Coaching edge should be with Saskatchewan.

The new rules should favour Kevin Glenn as he can throw the short to intermediate routes. Lulay is a game manager who really can’t dissect a team throwing but can make plays different ways. Though lulay struggles with reading defences and that hurts with new rules that allow smart quarterbacks to dissect defences.

The edge in quarterbacking is significant as Glenn is a better quarterback than lilac and he will show it tonight.

Love your optimism but I hopethe Riders don't read your assessment and take the Lions as an easy win.
Really in my mind there is only one key to getting the win if the rest of the team performs as they have done in the last two games and that is the defense has to get far more two and outs and get pressure on Lulay. Teams normally don't win games if they don't win the time of possesion clock. Don't let Lulay get into a rythem as he can pick defenses apart when he gets going. Make him keep looking for that defender about to hit him whether he is there or not. Good tackling on run plays. don't let them establish a ground game and romp off big gains that should have been stopped after a yard or two.

In short DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE. Riders will either win or lose depending on how the defense plays. The offense as I said has not had any shortage of success in the last two games and if they can keep it at that level or preferrably a bit better/ Stupid penalties taking points off the board and turnovers, they will be fine.

I would favor the Riders in this game too, mainly because the offense has shown the ability to move the ball and the D has done some good things even if it still needs improvement. Lulay, I think, is a guy you want to blitz early and often to take away his comfort zone and make him rush his throws. And with Glenn at the controls, you really don't have a drop-off at QB.

this is a tough one to predict , riders have to minimise stupid penalties and this alone may be enough for us to win but the D line has to put pressure on Lulay , don't give him any time.
Cortez has a point to prove so this is going to be an interesting matchup, to hard for me to call.
hope i'm wrong and the riders win in convincing fashion.
protect your QB at all costs and put the fear of god in theirs and you will win the majority of games.

I know the defence is taking a lot of slack but I would like to present a few points in the defences favour.

I feel the defence while not playing great has played better than people feel.

The loss of Durant was an emotional situation in which it is normal for the team and defence to struggle. They were going to win the game vs Winnipeg until durant got hurt. Once Durante got hurt the team was in shock.

The game vs Argos they played great for three quarters. Furthermore Argos offence is really really good this season. Proof of this is how they dismantled Edmonton and the fact that Harris is completing over 80% of his passes. I thought the defence played great until they lined up Brackenridge like was returning a punt on that last drive leaving the middle of field wide open

I expect them to be focussed and really get after Lulay. I like the Hollins guy and Tristan jackson. They seem to own the corners. The weakness is passes down the middle of field which seem to be mostly completed vs the riders defence. Shore up the middle of the defence vs the pass and I feel the riders can take this game.

Sorry but the defense especially in the game against the bombers just plained sucked. Too many missed tackles, too many broken tackles, too many times having the bombers in 2nd and long and allowing first downs. Just too many of too many's.

Using Durant going down as a reason is lame, sure while they no doubt had a bit of a let down in seeing Durant get injured yet again the offense picked up their side of the ball and played well enough to win. The defense needed to buckle down and get the ball back and they couldn't do it time and time again. The same issue with the Argo's game and even in preseason. Too may times the offense scored points but the defense could not stop any team for going down and scoring and to have the lead I think in all the games going into the 4th and then not being able to finish is not going to win you games.

The D has to step it up tonight, no dumb penalties, and it’s hard to put up big points when you always start between your 20 and 30 yard line, Glenn has marched them down the field multi times, just think if we had possession at mid field man we could run the score!! This game again is won or lost dependent on how CC’s so called aggressive D plays!! Time will tell!


and once again the defense can't stop the Lions on 2nd and 10 when they had them hemmed at the 10 yard line.A stop there they get the ball back in very good field position to put points on the board.

Well a tight first half and another dumb pick by Glenn. He has to stop trying to force the ball in very high risk areas that have no business being thrown. Way too many cover guys to put it there.

Still have the lead but again they are going to have to step it up on both sides of the ball if they want the W tonight.

Glenn is not as sharp tonight. I think that pick may be in the back of his mind.

Nice run and blocking on the Messam run, nice pass to Dressler for the major and the 2 point convert.

Wow that was not a pretty score but man needed it so bad.

Now the defense need to step up and get this done.

Good lord how do you allow that catch? Good job guys

Here we go again

Killing me

Messam has been a tank and you go naked sneak? Brutal call

Hey Jimmy... I'm at my seasonal camp site with no TV. So listening to radio feed and pulling my hair out. And this time, I forgot to PVR this game too...

I like the ballsy move to go for on it 3rd down... But man... This is tough. We need a win

think Im going to puke