Riders, Lions, Argos have no fear....

Each has at least a one in three chance to make the playoffs, but jeez, get ur butts in gear!!! 8)

I posted last year that I though the worst thing that could happen to the lions would be to make the playoffs - it gives a false sense that everything is working out and delays the housecleaning ....

Well that was last year and this is now - Now I am saying the same thing about my Riders. I don't think they need to gut the team but some big changes need to occur. If the riders pulled out 8 or more wins then I would say they turned it around ( wouldn't bet on that happening ). If the best they could do was 3- 15 season - I wouldn't want to seem them in the playoffs - as it would give false hope that they are on the right track.

im just curious if this keeps up with the riders..is there gonna be another save the riders telethon in one or 2 year? hows that 40000 seat stadium coming along? hahaha

Such talk makes me wonder which team has sold out all it's home games thus far... :wink:

For a team that finished dead last in the league (sugarcoat it how you want) and hasn't won the Grey Cup since 1990, you sure are being a knob.

He does have a point though

It's not healthy for any of the CFL teams to be hurting - but in particular the ones that draw big crowds. Rider fans fill the stands every where they play so each team benefits from them. And ditto for the rest - the Riders need healthy CFL teams just as much

And to further my point look at the 2 CFL teams that didn't make the playoffs last year - now look at the one that just squeaked in - now look at those 3 team records this year - sometimes being forced to face the facts are better then small feelings of false hope.

Riders are missing Fantusz and Bagg a lot. You can see Durant is struggling inpart due to the absence of these guys.

This reminds me a lot of the 2010 season where you had three teams at the bottom (Edmonton, BC, and Winnipeg) where each had a chance to grab the last playoff spot. It'll be interesting to see which team this year steps up and takes that last spot.

Selective reasoning. Winnipeg missed the playoffs in 2009 AND 2010, so where was your logic last year? As a matter of fact the Bombers were so embarassed by missing the 09 playoffs with a 7-11 record they went out a posted a triumphant 4-14 the following season.
Hamilton never embraced this philosophy either missing the playoffs 4 straight years middle of the last decade. And there are enough examples to disprove that thinking. Missing the playoffs is embarrassing but it has zero impact on a teams desire/ability/determination to rebound. If that kind of thing really worked Saskatchewan would be defending Grey Cup Champs right now instead of the team that gave it away.

didnt seem like as many rider fans there as usual last night. although still quite a few. even rider fans dont want to go to empire field.

Well, considering the Riders probably have enough money in the bank to BUY the station that the telethon would be on, Your post, once again, trumps some of your earlier gems. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Stay classy. :thup:

BC and the riders could start posting wins and EE and the bombers could start tanking.

Look at the history of teams with excellent season records, Calgary last year and BC a few years back only to do jack in the playoffs. Hell BC even won a GC not too long after finishing the season in 3rd.

Better for a team to suck now, than late in the season.

thats what i said when dunnigan was our coach.

It’s true, anything can happen. So much season left. BC, while not a convincing win against SSK, will have major mojo next week facing off against the #1 WBB. I might have to do an avatar bet with some Lions fans. Anybody in?

people have very short term memories it seems...especially rider fans. It's pretty sick to hear constantly from people on here or TSN ,talking about how the riders have the best fans in the league..yeah well, weirdly enough that talk started when the team actually started winning. where were the fans 5 or 6 years ago when they werent doing so well? when they were holding these legit telethons to prop up the team.. to keep them from not going the way of the ottawa team with the same name. Stay classy.. definately...but just because i make a point about rider fans not always supporting the team, it doesn't mean im not speaking the truth. Its funny how some people,regardless like to twist history and forget about the teams struggles a few years back.. 15 straight sellouts since 2009 they say..i guess not including last years playoff game? but... what about b4 2009? where were the fans then? where was "rider nation" then. THEY DIDN'T EXIST BECAUSE THE TEAM SUCKED.. thats just facts. it's not knocking the riders, it's a fact.. fans in sask started to show up when the team started winning. Truly the definition of band wagon fans. I'm not overly surprised tho at some of the comments directed towards my truth speaking post... because i would guess most these "rider fans" probably didnt give a crap about that team until they started winning and probably have zero memory of telethons and drawing less than 20,000 a game... but reality is.. that all happened and just a few short years ago.

I'll go on record and when it happens you can quote me all you want on this..the riders will not sell out when they are back to losing. it's started this year..u just wait, wait for them to finish 6-12 and miss the playoffs.. the true signs of real fans, the best fans is supporting your team when winning and when losing and history has shown rider fans only support the team when they are winning.well, lets see what happens over the next couple years, it's rebuilding time almost for rider nation..i get the feeling that a lot of property in rider nation will be empty in a couple years. Because history has shown just that.

Crap on posts, go ahead.. take things way to seriously... by all means, pretend to read my post in some roid raging ultra pissed off way, by all means.. it's all just tongue n cheek and reality tho.

i was serious.. how is that 40,000 seat stadium coming along? or is that only talked about constantly in the off season?

5 short years ago this team was playing in front of 15000 people..so tell me, how is that the best fans in the league?

its easy to support "your" team when winning, its the cool thing to do... for sure.."rider nation"..yup.. it's cool to be part of that when winning but how many people gonna jump off the bandwagon when they start losing again... who wants to be part of a loser rider nation? that's all i was saying...telethons,crap attendance when sucking and good attendance when winning... thats what makes you the best fans in the league? supporting your team when it's the cool thing to do? Gimme a break.

winnipeg hasn't won a grey cup in 20 plus years yet still draw on average about 28000 a game... edmonton draws like 40,000 a game,calgary draws like 35000 a game and has for years.. not just 2 or 3 but for 10 15 20 years... 3 good years of attendance does not make you the best fans in the league. it would not surprise me one bit if i learned that the bandwagon is a Saskatchewan invention.

its easy to support "your" team when winning, its the cool thing to do.

Very true killer, people want to jump on the bandwagon at that point. The true fans though stay with the team through thick and thin if they love the team.

That's why the Leafs have the best fans in the world. Haven't won a cup since '67, average price of a ticket is $200, yet they sell out every game....... GO LEAFS GO!!!!

Who's memory is faulty?? If you are going to make crap up, at least make it realistic.

1970 16,743 | 1980 24,582 | 1990 26,318 | 2000 24,715 | 2010 30,148
1971 17,203 | 1981 27,828 | 1991 22,597 | 2001 22,097
1972 17,875 | 1982 28,103 | 1992 21,704 | 2002 24,226
1973 20,176 | 1983 26,174 | 1993 23,851 | 2003 29,352
1974 19,028 | 1984 24,661 | 1994 24,455 | 2004 24,783
1975 19,979 | 1985 23,117 | 1995 28,500 | 2005 25,454
1976 21,665 | 1986 19,166 | 1996 22,376 | 2006 25,293
1977 21,160 | 1987 24,033 | 1997 27,038 | 2007 28,054
1978 20,337 | 1988 25,450 | 1998 24,141 | 2008 29,996
1979 21,186 | 1989 24,176 | 1999 19,327 | 2009 30,606


As you can see from the chart above our average attendance was 25,293 just 5 short years ago. The lowest in the last 20 years or so was 19,000.

While I agree that our attendance will go down if we continually lose, It will never go down to 15,000, and it would take quite some time for it to go below 20,000.