Riders lean on defence to lock up playoff spot

MONTREAL — Heading into their game, it seemed like it could have the makings of a shootout.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have one of the best young quarterbacks in the league, in Cody Fajardo. He has William Powell at his side to run the ball and can look downfield to a number of elite pass catchers, including Shaq Evans and Duke Williams.

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This was the only game on the Week 13 card that I picked wrong. I was hoping the Als could continue their 4 game winning streak. All good things must end, the Riders stepped up their game in the second half in a penalty filled hard hitting affair. The Riders improved their road record to 3-2 with the 19-14 win and clinched a playoff spot with their effort. :astonished: :flushed:

P.S. I would of liked to see Trevor Harris as the Als starter for the start of the second half. :question: Matt Shiltz had his first rough start since his 2021 debut.! Who will the Als start in Week 14 versus the Bombers at IGF. :question:

The Als' best chance at beating the Bombers will be in starting Harris. To his credit, this was not the same QB that was with the Elks, not so much that Harris changed as it was the system the Elks were trying to employ with him under center.


Is VA out for the year? Really love watching this guy play. I am not sure yet if he is the real deal...but he is great for the CFL.
In watching The Al-Rider game I think Harris thought he was on second down on his last throw of the game...he just threw it away thinking he had another down. Not a good sign!