Riders lay a Turkey!!!!!!!!!

:cry: My Riders laid a Turkey on Thanksgiving! the shame of it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well no one died! , Riders will return next week. :thup:

I can't find the stuffing cuz the Als knocked it out of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL........................so true.

I felt embarrassed for Domingez whining on national tv that Montreal plays like all stars against them.

Do you guys play BC anymore????


Wait a minute. We play well against Hamilton too.

To all Riders fans: I TOLD YOU SO.......... Concusion my butt, Butler is a puss I thought he was tough and could take over the Riders in the future. I lost the little respect I had for him. Who is going to start Friday?

Once again, the Riders will be lucky to finish 9-9. They didnt show up for this and you can't do that this late in the season. The Riders made the Als look wayyyyyyyyyy better than they actually are and I expect the Riders to play better at home on Friday. Glad I had my turkey supper yesterday, Ive suddenly lost my appetite... :lol:

Talk to any realistic Rider fan before you run your mouth, umaga.....Butler is not the key to the future of the Riders. He's spent five years riding the pine for a reason.

yeah you're right oh wise one. Butler BLOWS. That's why Kerry Joseph wins games for us hey?

P.S. You're an idiot. Oh, and to what's-his-nuts saying you lost respect for Rocky? Let me hit you in the back of the head with my knee and see how you feel. Go sniff your mom's jockeys.

Do you practice at being an ass, or does it come naturally?

....... the Riders went gobble gobble in this one....seems they like to keep the Esks. ...kicking around for awhile yet........does either team want that last spot.... :lol:

JM02 it comes naturally from his post! He needs no practise we all can see he is an A$$! :lol: :lol:

We will take care of Edm Papa.. you guys make sure they dont cross over to your side :lol:

...things are dwindling down to faint gasp for a crossover....seeing as we hold the season series with the schmoes....i think YOU BETTER take care of them... :lol: :lol:

Season series means squat for a crossover. It's points, and nothing else.....no ties.....

...ahhh points....seems to be what the Bombers have....and will have to have to get into post-season...LOOKS LIKE the schmoes will have trouble winning another game ..period....lol lol...i like the Bombers chances better...and oh by the way...just out of the Bomber camp today....Milt could possibly be back for the HAM. game....definitely for the Stamps..... :wink:

Last place is up for grabs!!!! With the Riders trying to mingle in on Edmontons Toehold :?