Rider's last point conversion, what would you do?

Practice under game conditions. If it's a blowout, who cares?

Except it would have been practicing with backups, makes no sense.

I thought (no offence…) that Calgary deserved it that game. If I remember correctly, werent the Stamps starting to get kind of dirty, or not “good” losers?

I say go for the single.

In Madden football, during franchise mode, I usually just kneel down when going for the extra point in a case like that.

LOL! In Madden you do that?!?!?! I always go for 2, no matter what. I make the 2 about 90% of the time, on All Madden.

Take the 1 for sure... imo it's a no brainer.

as much as i would have liked to see a two you go for 1. Everyone saying you might need that one point in case of a tie. Well if we loose that bad in one of next two games we don't deserve that spot especially when you can't use the excuse of it takes time with a new offensive co-ordinator. Two you don't want to give away your play, three its not the same conditions with no pressure

Go for two. The Stamps and their fans have always looked down on Saskatchewan and made no bones about it. Go for two and rub salt into their wounds. Practise the special teams play in a real game situation. And, hammer the arrogant Stamps and all those Calgarians!!!

Riders Rule
Stamps Drool!

I agree turkey nuts! But like someone else stated 2 more points would not change the fact the Stamps lost. I am sure when the Riders lost in a blow out it was much the same but it does give you the fan some bragging to do. So yes go for the two points.
Snf on Calgary fans looking down at Rider fans you are correct! You are the smartest Rider fan I know! Yup Turkeynuts smartest football fan in Saskatchewan you heard it from RW2005! Proclaiming Turkeynuts the smartest of them all.

…if you took a second out from being a general a$$hat and actually checked around you’d find the riders to be my second favourite team…

....if you took a second out from being a general a$$hat and actually checked around you'd find the riders to be my second favourite team.....
ahhh hahaha, a$$hat. . .only in alberta do people come up with sayings like that :wink:

You make a very good point with the backups being in and it wouldn’t make sense for them to practice the two pointer because they would likely not get a shot at in a game. Of course the coach could send back in the starters just to to try the two pointer. Now THAT would really tick people off.

To all the people who say "you need all the points you can get": You are forgetting that the two-point convert is not guaranteed, while the one-point is, for all intents and purposes. Suppose the Riders had gone for two and missed it, and at the end of the season miss out on a playoff spot for lack of that one point. Kent Austin would be looking for a job again.

When the two teams play each other three times, it's unlikely that points scored will matter anyway. One of the other two would have to end in a tie, and Calgary would have to win the other one by 41 points, in order for that missed two-point opportunity to have any effect.

Unless the points are necessary, the MOST sportsmanlike thing to do is line up under the centre and take a knee. I've seen several coaches make that decision, but it's usually the likeable coaches like Pinball and Lancaster. I wouldn't expect it from Austin.

So, exactly why isn't Austin a likeable coach? He's two games in, Dave.....that's kind of a boneheaded statement, if you ask me, and the type of statement people don't hear from you much.....larry, maybe.....

Dave, if you're not going to kick the extra point, why even bother driving down the field for the touchdown? I don't think a team needs to go for two in that situation, but kicking the extra point is the typical thing to do after a touchdown..... sure, you can kneel, but it's not "rubbing it in" to take the single point in my opinion.