Rider's last point conversion, what would you do?

Your Kent Austin in the blow out game against Calgary. You have a chance for a 1 point or 2 point conversion on the last touchdown drive of the game. What do you do?

...I'd choose #1....the bad blood it might create isn't worth the practice the team might get...

1 point, not even a discussion for 2 should take place.

Go for two. When the media asks why the answer is in fact a logical one. A chance to practice the 2 point conversion without losing the game if you don't get it. And yes that extra point could mean something at the end of the season in case of a tie.

We were chanting "go for two" in our section....
Of course we knew they wouldn't, but as fans, the sentiment was clear...put the boots to 'em...
Not like the chant in the stands at McMahon hasn't been "we want 50" for a number of years now...

Realistically, if a team/coach actually ever did that in those circumstances, it would not reflect well.
Doesn't mean that as a fan I didn't vote for the 2-pointer, 'cause I did!!!

...then you get zero on your test score Arius 'cause the question clearly stated 'You are Kent Austin....', not 'You are a fan....'

Ethics..... 1 Point

Id go # 1, because as you say, 1 point can count a lot at the end of the year. if they miss the 2 points that can hurt as much as not going for the 2 points. (does that make sense)

Ah but Arius is the Coach! Coach Arius and you know what Arius is right you go for the two points! If time warranted you go for another TD as well. The message was sent to the Stampeders players loud and clear.

It would make no sense going for 2 that late in the game, especially if you're trying to work on the 2 point converts... well Im not sure why we'd do that with the backup in the game at that point.

Well in case teams are tied at the end of the season that extra point might be a determining factor.

Unlikely since we play Calgary 3 times this year.

Let's just hope that Calgary loses em all then :wink:

I think I very clearly said:

if a team/coach actually ever did that in those circumstances, it would not reflect well
so pardon me if I told you both what I would do as Kent Austin AND what I was chanting in the stands. Truth be told, if I were the coach, no way I go for two. Even the potential for that extra point to play into a tie-breaker means you go for the single point (and yes, while because we play the Stamps 3 times, the head to head factor is unlikely, some of the other tie-breakers factor in points as well) because the reverse factor is true as well--if you fail the 2-pointer, that single point you squandered away may also end up biting you in the behind....

I would go for the single. Anyone else remember Barrett running the score on this same Calgary team which was coached by Dunigan at the time? It took a couple of seasons for people to forget, and the Riders stomped Calgary why add more fuel to the fire?

ha, i was just going to bring that up.

Defiantly, you just take the one point, although,it would of been nice to see 50 on the scoreboard, lol.

I would have rubbed it in. Priders you are getting soft. If this was reversed I would be say run it up!

.....which would be extremely poor sportsmanship. I'm glad they went with the one point, and would have done the same.

Go for two points…both Higgins and Ma-choka, have clearly stated, if points come into play, you need all you can get. And while they do play three games, if one ends up in a tie…then the points for and against come into play.

And beside for the same reason the same reason you would put in Crandel to get practice, you would practice your 2 point conversion. To see if you could win with it.

Ethics as well, I'd go for 1. What goes around comes around.