Riders Last Game

okie dokie jm i just forgot what i had originally typed…i really should NOT comment on here when im frustrated i seem to black out in rage :lol: jk but your right it was some not all lol. and you as well red are right but i think this only means we are due to beat them. in defense of cflisthebest (i cant believe im doing this LOL) he has been fairly “calm” so far…maybe i just havent seen it yet but ya…LOL

for what its worth i thought that the riders would lose the last game of the season against the stamps and come back to the West final for a dog fight. I still believe that the West Final will be a dogfight. This game like a game with any two teams that are evenly matched (in my own opinion of course) will be determined in the trenches. If the riders can contain burris, and stop reynolds, then the game SHOULD be theirs (in my opinion). But on the other hand if the Stamps contain durant, and get him rattled earlier on because of his inexperience in the playoffs, this game could be over in a heartbeat. In my opinion the stamps will not be too worried about Cates because he hasn't done extremely well and isn't that much of a weapon as he was say two years ago. With that said I still stand by my statement that this is going to be as good as a Grey Cup game. Whoever wins is going to have a hell of a time plaing Montreal. May the best team win. Good luck gentlemen.

...good assessment TSR, the trenches will be the spot to watch...this is going to be an awesome game, good luck to your green-meanies and to our flashy cowboys...

considering I managed to score two tix to the GC just today.......c'mon Riders!!!!! PUH-LEASE make a dream come true!!!!!! Good luck this weekend Stamps, either way, I'm going to have a blast in Cow-Town next weekend! But here's praying Burris's shoelaces get tied together! :lol:

HAHA hey now he doesnt need any help dropping games this year LOL :frowning: again its always a good matchup when these two teams meet up

...no way dude, they have a checklist before they go out on the field....have here fun in cow town!!...

This is going to be an interesting game and could turn into a chest match, to say Riders have this game is in the bag, no not a chance its going to go down to the wire, i hope its a good clean game and the refs let the teams decide who moves on, and if the Riders do win watch out city of Calgary it will be something to be a part of.

bye bye calgary
Will be proud to be there in a week- never been there before- you are pretty quick to put down the riders, but i tell you what: see you in JUNE!

brad i have merely stated that fans such as yourself are not using logic thankyou for coming on here and proving my point

whichever way the game goes Canada's sports fans are going to witness something amazing tomorrow at Taylor field fan support that you will not see anywhere in any other team sport it will be so loud you will not be able to hear yourself talk at home :slight_smile: its going to be somthing to witness, and I imagine it will break TV ratings also, can't wait!

Hey Rider, you might want to change your password. I think cflisthebest hacked your account. :wink:


ah yes.. Chief can write his crap.. like this, yet when I reply back to defend myself, it gets deleted!

nice system you've got here!

if you want my advice cfl, the best thing to do is just roll with the jokes, if you seem like your joking when you make fun of the mods they like to laugh LOL jk chief :wink:

ok well i just didn't find that very funny I guess.

haha well thats half the problem lol they are all just kidding around lol you dont have to take it to heart lol