Riders LabourDay game to get 2,000 extra seats

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The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced today they have added 2,000 additional, temporary sideline seats for this year’s Labour Day contest on Sunday, September 3rd.

The game reached its capacity point of 28,800 two weeks ago, but additional temporary stands that will be used for the Rolling Stones concert in October will be brought in early for this game bringing capacity to over 30,000!

“We are very pleased to offer this opportunity for our fans,? said Riders' President/CEO Jim Hopson. “There is always tremendous excitement surrounding this game and we worked very hard to ensure as many people as possible can be part of this event at Mosaic Stadium.?

The additional 2,000 rush seating tickets are now on sale at the Rider ticket office or by calling 1-888-474-3377. Tickets will be sold for $40 each which will include taxes and the facility fee.

Sweet! I'm going to call and try to get two right now!

its very possible both the riders and the bombers will enter labour-day with exact same 5-5 records.

one team will most likely leave the labour-day / banjo bowl series 7-5 while the other leaves 5-7.

very important series for both clubs.

I just called but found out that the seats are going to be in a pretty bad area. Right beside section 2 at field level which will leave us with a great view of one end zone but I'm not sure about the far side of the field.

Do you think I would see enough to make it worth coming from Winnipeg and shelling out $40 plus gas and hotel? Please advise.

They should add more seats and try to milk this as much as possible!

Agreed. In a gate driven league it only makes sense to take advantage of these golden opportunities. Wonder why other Labour Day venues don't do the same. Also would be ideal for playoff games.

Well, the Als' do their part by hosting their final home game during the regular season at the sightline-awful Olympic Stadium. It basically depends if the demand warrants it; like if the Lions and the Argos open up more of their upper level seatings. However, other stadiums, like Commonwealth don't have the capacity to add more seats.

How about Hamilton, or Calgary? Heard many times how they could have sold more seats if they had any. In those cases not adding more seats, to me, seems nuts. As far as Vancouver, or Toronto go, they should follow Montreal's lead and have one game where upper level tickets sell for $10 and hotdogs are $2 just like during the old Expo days

Well I don't think adding seats is any small undertaking. In this case it works out though, since they are setting up for the Stones.

I have only ever watched one game from the endzone, and it was better than I expected. Is it prime, no, but it’s definitly a different way to watch the game. You can se the sea parting fro the run game.

It’s more bout the atmosphere than anything else. Is it really 40.00 bucks though? I think it was 10 or 15 two years ago, but we were also standing.

excellect, if you ask me, they should just leave then up for good, 30,000 is better than 28,000.

Thanks for the LDC logo D god! Do you have any more logos like that? Maybe a French version?

I love LABOUR DAY WEEK END and after.

Game sell outs and huge T.V. ratings , every where.

This is when the REAL CFL season starts!