Rider's keep Etcheverry..

I am like wow! when I saw that.

so now they have Richie Hall as DC and Gary Etcheverry as DC assistant. talk about deadly.. :cowboy:

ok did someone kidman Taman and throw him into a cave? cause this just doesn't sound like him! :smiley:

In all fairness to Taman, this is his first real off season as GM for the club. He was not ACTUALLY GM until the end of January 2010. He coasted for a while in the wake of Tillman, but what has he done that you would actually call "bad?" Some stuff you might not entirely agree with, sure, but what has he truly done bad?

He brought in young offensive linemen late last year, who we will start seeing now.
He just signed a solid OL in Alexandre Gauthier, 2 days after Oday packed it in. This is the deepest I can ever recall our OL looking!
He and Miller signed Simpson.
He brought in Hawkins.
He had some bad luck with returners/ ST, but hey, at least he tried making big moves, and I cant really fault him for the moves he did make.
He has signed a few of the big FA this off season including Makowsky, Frazier, McCullough, Hughes and McKenzie.

Yeah, there might be a couple big names going south...that is going to perpetually happen.

As far as some of the coaching changes people wanted to see happen, well, that is the HC to call. He can apply pressure, but it is not "his" staff.

I admit that I have been on the fence with Tanam, but after 1 full year in the books, I think he has done an overall good job.

it will be interesting to see what moves he makes in the FA season. We still need that one pure pass rusher. Other than that, we have a solid team.

He also needs to draft a another back as a potential successor to Cates.

His name is Hugh Charles and we don't use him enough.

Totally agree.

I agree that Charles is not utilized enough, but I also believe he is a complimentary RB. He is an abstract to the grinding style of Cates, and that is why he has success when he touches the ball. tougher to stop a RB when you really don't expect him to get the ball.

True but at the same time he can be the guy to do that we just don't know yet, I really hope we stop putting players feelings in the equation when trying to find a winning formula, I love what Cates has done but I see him as more as a Goaline/Redzone running back rather than your march down the field running back. Start Charles see what happens.

If I rememeber correctly, Cates always lights it up in camp, narrowly edging out Charles. So if we want to see Charles at starter he'll have to kick it up a notch. This according to Miller last year. Also...why would Etch even want to stay and be demoted to assistant DC?? Could the Etch story be just another rumor???

Etch has long stated he wants a position that allows him more time with his family, and you can not fault someone for that. I can not even image the relentless hours that must be put in by most HC. That is a reason he talked about going to the Uni level...more free time, at least in the off season. He will likely be gone if a Uni offer comes his way. The Riders did the right thing in making him an offer for the intern, as he did not deserve to be cast aside.

it is also likely the same reason that he was not in the Rider HC mix. He is a very creative mind, and I think he would be a top notch HC.

Well, he was content a few seasons back as defensive line coach under Richie Hall as coordinator. . .this just returns things to way they were.

And, depopulation, I totally agree he's a heck of a creative mind, but he did get a HC position earlier, in Toronto, and did not last the season before Pinball pulled the plug on him.

correct, but look what he inherited in TO

Valid point, as always. When a coach fails, it's always a question of was it his coaching or the personnel, or a bit of both.

Mark Nelson, when he was hired as D/C in Winnipeg a few seasons back, had a great line; he was asked about his college record (one really good year, one pretty bad year) and his response was "I coach good players a lot better than I coach bad players."

ya but what you can do with a group of bad players is more impressive than what you do with a group of great players.

i'd be more impressed if a coach can make a winner out of a so so team, than a great team.

coaching bad players to victory in the professional ranks is not realistic. Maybe if they just have great chemistry, but it is just not realistic. At junior ranks a coach can often propel a team, but not as much so once pro. It happens in the pros, but not typically, and is extremely rarely repeatable.

Look at the Maple Leafs. They have had some fantastic coaches in there, but they don't win nothing, why, because great coaching and game plans only go so far. Now, great players only go so far with crappy coaching to, we have seen that time and time again.