Riders' John Chick signed with Indianapolis Colts

Well, it's official, after his workout with the Colts this week, John Chick was offered a contract with the NFL team.


REGINA — John Chick's stellar season with the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 2009 has earned him a lucrative contract from the NFL's Indianapolis Colts.

Gil Scott, Chick's Toronto-based agent, said Friday that the 27-year-old defensive end — the CFL's most outstanding defensive player in 2009 — has signed a three-year contract with the Colts via the CFL's option-year window.

The deal comes with a signing bonus which Scott believes — for CFL players signing with NFL teams — is second only to the $1 million US reportedly paid by the Miami Dolphins to former B.C. Lions defensive end Cameron Wake after the 2008 CFL season.

"(The Colts) made a very significant investment in John," said Scott, who declined to divulge dollar figures. "A lot of guys from Canada who go down there (to the NFL) get nothing to sign, (and do it) just to play in the NFL. This was very significant.

"In my last 20 years of doing this, it's probably the second-highest signing bonus for a player coming out of Canada."

Scott said Chick — who was out of town Friday and couldn't be reached for comment — worked out for the Jacksonville Jaguars on Tuesday and for the Colts on Thursday. The 6-foot-3, 250-pounder signed with Indianapolis later that day.

"It's not a pretend signing," Scott said. "The size of the bonus indicates they're pretty serious about him.

"They like him, they like his work ethic — they believe it's the same work ethic that they have — and they like his character. What can I say?"

Chick finished fourth in the CFL with 11 sacks in 2009, his third season in Saskatchewan and in the CFL. He added 32 defensive tackles, five tackles for a loss, five pass knockdowns and four forced fumbles en route to being named a West Division all-star and a CFL all-star.

"The most important thing that we saw is he plays every play 100 per cent," said Cal Murphy, a former CFL head coach now based in Regina who scouts for the Colts. "That's what we want from our players.

"He plays across the field, chasing plays, pursuing plays, never giving up on plays and making plays all over the field. As a person, he is top drawer."

Chick, a product of Gillette, Wyo., who attended Utah State University, is quiet and unassuming off the field. A Type 1 diabetic, he's also an ambassador for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Last season, Chick teamed with Stevie Baggs to give the Roughriders arguably the most dynamic pair of defensive ends in the league.

"Whoever's running the team here will have a pretty big hole to fill with John's absence," said a source within the organization, referring to the uncertainty created by the resignation of general manager Eric Tillman.

"(Chick) is one of the best players on the team, so he's not easy to replace. The organization will have to roll up its sleeves and try to go out and find a replacement."

Ironically, Baggs is to become a free agent on Feb. 15.

CFL players entering the option year of their contracts can sign with NFL teams until the end of February. This week alone, B.C. has lost fullback Rolly Lumbala and receiver Ryan Grice-Mullen to the Dolphins, and the Montreal Alouettes have lost punt returner Larry Taylor to the New York Jets.


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Well, I do feel bad for Riders fans as this is a huge loss for them... but I'm also pretty excited because it's a nice pick-up for my Colts! :smiley:

One of Chick or Baggs was likely going to leave. I figured it would be Baggs.

I wonder if Chick is going to call Baggs and brag about his 800k signing bonus or maybe purolator him the trophy.


Wow, tons of players catching on in the NFL this year!

Best of luck to Chick, and I have to say, as an Als fan, I won't be sorry to see him leave Sask's D-line. :lol:

I don't mind so much guys who were less than impressive (Bo Smith in Hamilton) or not first stringers in the CFL (S.J. Green in Montreal) or guys who were good but not great (Grice-Mullin in BC) Ieaving the CFL for the NFL.

But, as a CFL fan first and foremost, I am saddened by the loss of guys like Chick and Hefney. I really enjoyed watching those two play football.

It is starting to look like the NFL teams are filling their training camp rosters up with CFL players, now that the USFL and AFL have folded. Hope springs eternal but you just know that most of these players will be cut and lose half a season in the CFL or maybe never get their job back. However you can't blame them if they were playing up here for 50,000.

It sounds good for John Chick though if reports are true that he received a 800,000 dollar bonus. The NFL throws around a lot of money but not that much unless they are serious about a player.

The bright side of all this is that more good US players will maybe give the CFL a shot if they think the NFL is watching closely. There has always been a percentage of Americans who won't come to Canada because they apparently don't feel it would help them get another try out in the NFL. They wait around hoping for an injury opening etc. Maybe more of those guys will come up and play now knowing they could be back in a NFL TC the following year.
The thing is that once they do play up here in most cases they change their attitude and decide to stay if the NFL isn't a sure thing.

...I agree totally with you MadJack......who gives a tinkers poop about the Colts....The fans of the CFL buy their tickets here to watch CFL teams.....and they should expect the best possible product on the field ...period....If that means closing a few windows...or just narrowing them a bit ,with respect to contracts ....so be it....We'll see what happens in the next CFL/nfl go around.. :wink:

Um... I care about the Colts. :wink:

What's good for the players is good for the league. Only thing is when a team loses a few like BC did last year it really impacts your performance of the field.

Should the NFL be able to sign and activate CFL players during the CFL season? Wouldn't that be good for the players, probably increasing their income by tenfold? The CFL might then be able to sign more top stars, who know they can leave at any time for the NFL?

It may be good for the players but it would be terrible for the league and the fans. The CFL is NOT a minor league farm system for the NFL. I think any fan of a farm team (hockey, baseball) knows the frustration of having your best players taken by the parent club at horrible times (ie playoffs) so no thanks.


I wish some day one of them would stay instead of going to play in the NFL.


....yesssssssssssssssssssssss!...for Mr. Chick and the Stampeders....

Shakes fist

It's a big loss. Initially I thought no big deal, we'll see him back in week 5 after he gets cut but after reading about the signing bonus, they've invested something in him and I find it unlikely we'll see him back in the CFL next year.

As I mentioned in another topic, I'm pretty sure B.C. would've lost regardless. I think Wally was set on rebuilding the team. Otherwise, why would he have let guys like Clermont go?

i remember a few months ago us joking about chick being the dirtiest player in the league. Hope that reputaition doesnt follow him. And as it was stated earlier... This is great for the stamps!!!!

thanks big john for the great ball you played here and for the eyes you opened for those with type 1 diabetes wow with such a fragile disease only those who have it know the feelings of highs and lows and for you to perform at such a level is remarkable
hats off for making the colts and after all you are american so you've probably had the dream to play in the nfl since you were a kid
you can also bet cal murphy whom lives in regina had a huge part in this in being a colt scout

I think for the good of the league Saskatchewan should hire Cal Murphy in some position. :slight_smile: