Riders jerseys outselling Calgary flames jerseys!!

:D :roll: :D

Calgary's Chamber of Commerce president has announced that Saskatchewan Roughrider jerseys are outselling Calgary Flames jerseys 2-1 in cowtown. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cowboy:

Surprisingly though, Flames Jerseys outsell all CFL jerseys by a wide margin at NHL playoff time, go figure.

Probably so the fans have something to burn in the streets when the Flames crash and burn in the first round... again.


All aboard the bandwagon express!

Too bad it will it be short lived hipe in rideville. At least they can use the jersey to check the dip stick on they o'l tractor as they make their way back to SK with their tails between their legs.

and lion fans must use theirs for sopping up water :smiley:

i remember reading somewhere, globe and mail i think, were the roughriders are the second most successful professional team in merchandise sales in Canada behind the maple leafs and the montreal canadians.

Wow...we do suck at math...

If they're behind Toronto and Montreal, that would make them the number three team in sales... :stuck_out_tongue:

Math is a real problem in Saskatchewan isn't it ?


…(having said that I should be careful, pabst could be one of those transplanted flatlanders that got his education here in alberty)…

My bad and very ironic. i guess that game had a bigger effect on me than i thought! yikes! and i have a masters degree...go figure. :oops:

Maybe someday eskimo or oiler (ya right) jerseys or maybe lions or even funnier yet canuck jerseys combined will sell more jerseys than the Riders. After all alberta and b.c. combined with their what 6 or 7 million people don't support their teams like little old Saskatchewan. Alberta does do well with the Flames, they can't rely on the the farm team (oilers)

Yeah, the Flames may have sold less jersies but they won a game last week. :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course. It wasn't a playoff game.

:lol: :lol:

Hey pabst, I have a masters degree as well and am astounded at the mistakes I make in the world. But what a masters or Ph.D allows you to do, gracefully, is say I messed up and will do it right next time. Without the degree, you mess up, and you're just a dummy. :wink:
Or like a talk I gave today to a bunch of medical students, someone asked me a question and I didn't know the answer so I just said I don't know and i'll get back to you. Hey, that works! :wink: