Riders invincible- Grey Cup bound for sure!

Two in a row over teh defending Grey cup chumps. Gosh, I guess it will be this easy for the Riders in the West. And, surprise, the Esks might finish last in the West , maybe even the CFL.

Riders Rule
Esks drool - so do the Oilers!!!!!!!!!

Turkey, how is the fishin?

Well , it is a little too early to say that , SASK. do have the missing pieces but they have to stay healthy!

Never count EDMONTON out , some people did last year and look what happened?

HAMILTON , looks really good , with all of those CFL stars and MAAS. HAMILTON , also have a great Canadian born coach who knows the CFL game.

BUT it does start FOR REAL next week , and I am sure that all of the teams haven't shown their real colours yet.

The ARGO/HAMILTON home opener should be packed , have lots of media attention from all over N.A. , the press , T.V. ect...

It is hard to beat the same team 3 times in a row. But if HAMILTON win , let hope it is another CFL classic and then we all win. Except for the ARGOS.

Next week will answer many questions.

Yea look what happened with the big trade!!! lol

Somebody tell Turkey the season hasnt started yet.....never mind....

Into the Wild Turkey again, I see, Gobbler. I'm certain you had your tongue planted firmly in cheek on that one...

hopefully, the dream of all EE haters everywhere will come true, and they will miss the playoffs!

as for the Riders winning the cup, they are playoff bond, no doubt, but GC champs??? let's see in the fall, but I doubt it.